Overwatch: Lúcio Guide, Drop The Beat

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Overwatch: Lúcio Guide, Drop The Beat

Every hero in Overwatch is fun to play but sometimes is more interesting than others. This is especially true for heroes in the support role because some of them may not seem that exciting. Fortunately, there is one hero that people love using in every meta, and his name is Lúcio. 

Thanks to his incredible abilities, this is one of the most intriguing heroes to play with. Depending on the map, Lúcio can be hard to kill because he is fast and can heal over time.

Even though Lúcio is fun, playing him at the highest level is not easy, even for experienced players. The hero is hard to master, but thanks to this guide, you will learn the basics that will help you get started.

Lucio Overview

As mentioned, Lúcio is a support whose “in-game nationality “ is Brazillian. Lúcio has 200 HP and is characterized by his bonus movement speed and the ability to knock back enemy heroes. With that being said, it is time to look at each of Lúcio’s abilities and the things that make him so special.

Wall Ride


This is undoubtedly the ability that makes Lúcio one of the fan-favorite support heroes in Overwatch. It is a passive skill that gives him the option to jump onto a wall and ride along with it. While doing this, Lúcio has a +30% movement speed buff.

Once he leaps off a  wall, he will receive a burst of speed. This ability makes killing a good Lúcio really hard, especially on maps such as King’s Row. One of the important things about Lúcio’s speed boost is that it will be given in the direction the hero is looking at. You can use this to jump over certain things when needed.

Sonic Amplifier

Lúcio’s main weapon is his Sonic Amplifier. This ability allows him to fire four rounds, each of which deals 20 damage. His rate of fire is one burst every 0.9 seconds, and he has a total of 20 ammo. The good news is that his weapon allows him to land headshots, which means he could kill a given target pretty easily.


The next ability in Lúcio’s arsenal is Soundwave, which is his knockback effect. This ability has 4 seconds cooldown, 8 meters of range, and deals 25 damage. Interestingly, Lúcio can use his Soundwave even while reloading. This allows him to knock back all the time.

Another intriguing thing about this ability is the fact that he can knock back multiple enemies. There are many cases where this can land him loads of kills.


This is probably one of the most exciting abilities in the game and the main thing that makes Lúcio an incredible support. This ability has two effects – it provides movement speed or healing. 

If Lúcio decides to use it for its movement speed, it will give everyone +25% MS. However, if the player wants to heal himself and his allies, it will heal for 16 or 12.3 HP per second, respectively.

Each of the two modes has its distinctive song, and they require the other heroes to be in Lúcio’s LoS. Interestingly, this ability won’t affect any allies standing behind a given opponent’s shield or barrier.

Amp it Up

As the name of this ability suggests, Lúcio will basically increase the volume of his speakers, which will boost the effect of one of his two songs. Depending on which one is active, he will give a +60% movement speed buff or heal his allies for 40 HP per second. This ability lasts for three seconds and has a 12-second cooldown.

Sound Barrier

Lastly, it is time to look at Sound Barrier, Lúcio’s ultimate. When the hero uses it, he and his allies gain 750 “temporary shields, which slowly decay until the ability’s duration is over (it lasts 7 seconds).

Similar to some of Lúcio’s other abilities, his allied hero needs to be in his line of sight in order to get this ult’s effect. The idea of this ultimate is to make his team tankier for a couple of seconds or save them from dying. 

Additional information

Lúcio is an amazing hero who will require you to play a lot before learning how to utilize his potential. Similar to any other hero in Overwatch, this one is better on some maps. For example, he shines a lot when he gets the chance to knock back people from cliffs.

Aside from his damage capabilities, which many people underestimate, Lúcio is one of the few supports that need to be active to succeed. Similar to Brigitte, he needs to be close to his allies and fight when needed. Although this makes playing with him more interesting, it puts him in a dangerous position because he could die.

Learning how to use your Wall Ride will take time, and you may not succeed at first. However, mastering this ability allows you to become one of the most dangerous heroes in the game. You will become much harder to kill and will have no problems applying pressure all over the map.

An important thing to remember about Lúcio’s ultimate is that it has a cast time. Some people don’t realize this, so they can easily cancel their ult before using it. Needless to say, this is the last thing you want because your team won’t be able to take advantage of the extra HP. Speaking of extra HP, you can use this ult before you, or your team, gets in danger or as soon as “things go down”.

The counters

The fact that Lúcio is one of the most mobile heroes in the game and is difficult to kill doesn’t mean he is invisible. Like any other hero in the game, he has a couple of big counters. 

Since the hero relies on his movement speed a lot, anything that slows him down can be fatal. Of course, the first name that comes to mind is Mei because she can freeze him or use her wall to block his access. In most cases, this is enough for the rest to score a kill.

Another hero that is great against Lúcio is Pharah. Due to the fact that he is almost always in the air, Lúcio can’t hit her with his abilities. Although he could dodge the rockets, two or three direct hits are usually enough to bring him down.

Overwatch: Lúcio Guide, Drop The Beat
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