Overwatch League Season 2 Stage 4 | Week 4 | Power Rankings

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Overwatch League Season 2 Stage 4 | Week 4 | Power Rankings

Another week, another set of Overwatch League Power Rankings. This week, the Shock stay on top and the Fuel run out of gas.

Stage  4 Week 4 Overwatch League Power Rankings

Stage 4 Week 3 Power Ranking

1. San Francisco Shock

Week3 San Francisco Shock

What is there to say that we haven't said already? This team, while not as dominant as before, has proven that they still deserve the number one spot. With superb play on all fronts, the Shock are continuing to look strong going into the playoffs, and will most likely be making an appearance at the Overwatch League Season 2 Grand Finals in Philadelphia.

2. Los Angeles Gladiators

Week3 LA Gladiators

The Gladiators front line continues to disappoint, but one of the largest reasons that the team stays where they are is because of Gui-Un “Decay” Jang. Jang has continually put up amazing performances, even in games where the team as a whole didn’t do so well. Because of Decay, the Gladiators are still a contender in any match they go into. Even with the reverse sweep of Dallas, the Gladiators have shown that when on their mark, they can win games smoothly and convincingly. This team just needs to find the perfect formula to make it happen and they will be a force to be reckoned with.

3. Vancouver Titans

Week3 Vancouver Titans

With two convincing victories, the better (sorry, Defiant fans) Canadian representatives have solidified their spot and stopped their freefall in our power rankings. The team still has issues to work on, though. They specifically need to tighten up their cooldown usage and positioning before initiating teamfights. These issues aren’t extremely prevalent, nor do they prevent the team from winning games entirely, but it is what is preventing them from being the absolute number one team again.

4. Washington Justice

Week3 Washington Justice

Holy cow. The Justice have proven that they are an unstoppable team in the role lock meta, sporting a 5-0 record with only two games to go. It’s a real shame they are out of playoff contention because this Justice squad has the potential to do some real damage to any playoff team. Because of their amazing record this stage and how explosive and fun to watch their games are, they have moved up in the rankings yet again.

5. London Spitfire

Week3 London Spitefire

Despite losing to the Titans in a nailbiter of a series, the London Spitfire’s ability to make some amazing plays in the tank line, on top of their convincing win over the Outlaws, proved that the Spitfire is a team worth putting in the top five. Their match against the Atlanta Reign will prove whether or not the Titans series was a fluke or the Spitfire have finally found their form.

6. Guangzhou Charge

Week3 Guang Charge

This is the team other than the Washington Justice that have exploded in this stage. On top of that, the Charge can still make the playoffs, and that's a scary prospect for some teams. On the back of explosive DPS plays and a support line with one of the best Ana’s in the world, the Charge have put all the pieces together and may do some real damage to teams that underestimate them. The League is starting to #FeelTheCharge.

7. Chengdu Hunters

Week3 Chengdu Hunters

The Hunters, with a loss to the Spark, have us confused. A team that absolutely dominated the New York Excelsior struggled against Hangzhou, resulting in a loss against the Spark. The Chengdu Hunters should have their sights set on consistency, or else these panda-clad warriors will be easy targets for teams to take out.

8. Atlanta Reign

Week3 Atlanta Reign

The Reign did not play last week, so we don't have much insight here. That said, the upcoming matches and the Justice and the Spitfire seem tough, so expect either a 1-1 week or a 0-2 week, with the Justice being the consistent defeat for them. If they can perform and win both games, Atlanta may be stronger than we think.

9. Seoul Dynasty

Week3 Seoul Dynasty

Seoul fans around the world have witnessed disappointment time and time again, but the latest in the saga was the Guangzhou reverse sweep that resulted in a heartbreaking loss for the Korean roster. Like the Hunters, Dynasty is looking for consistency. If they don’t find it soon, the playoffs are going to crown a new king, and the dynasties of old will be forgotten.

10. Shanghai Dragons

Week3 Shanghai Dragons

Okay, Shanghai, we need to have a talk. We know Jin-Hyoek “Dding” Yang is a good Pharah, but here’s the problem. All the top teams have top tier Widowmaker players. Shanghai is attempting to force Pharah into every composition on every map, and it’s really hurting the team. A loss to the massively-favored Shock doesn't give much insight, but it does raise some eyebrows concerning how the Dragons can perform against upper-tier teams.

11. Los Angeles Valiant

Week3 Los Angeles Valiant

With a close win over Florida, the Valiant were getting absolutely styled on by Jung-woo “Sayaplayer” Ha. This illustrates Valiant's problem; the team is unable to shut down a player that is popping off. It worked out fine this time, but if two or three opposing players are doing extremely well, how will the Valiant address it then?


12. New York Excelsior

Week3 NYXL

Although they struggled against Hangzhou, Excelsior fans thought that their team might have some hope since they pulled out the map five win. Then, Guangzhou happened. An absolute smackdown of a 0-4 loss reminded fans that this is not the NYXL's meta. The Excelsior should use this week's break to come together and prepare for their game against the Titans. Boston can largely be ignored; they'll more than likely beat themselves.

13. Paris Eternal

Week3 Paris Eternal

Barely edging out a struggling Philadelphia, the Eternal drop a few spots because the victory was sloppy (and a result of which team could stop throwing the game first). Paris is stuck here because the L.A. Valiant was able to defeat a prominent Florida and New York beat the Spark. In other words, the Eternal doesn’t have a lot of options in terms of going up the rankings. Games against the Dragons and the Justice, however, give Paris some room to shoot up the tier list. That said, this is their last chance.

14. Philadelphia Fusion

Week3 Philadelphia Fusion

If the Fusion was going to win a game this week, it was going to be against the Paris Eternal. Going up 2-0, the team was confident and so were most fans. But, in true Philadelphia fashion, the team crumbled and looked absolutely lost. The Fusion that left after half time was not the same team that came back. We're calling it now; their postseason appearance will be the most disappointing out of all the teams. Not because of their performance, but because fans will see the team that made the Grand Finals of Overwatch League Season 1 struggle to make it to the stage in their hometown.


15. Hangzhou Spark

Week3 Hangzhou Spark

With the redemption of beating Chengdu, the Spark looks to have some life in them. The main point to focus on here was that the victory over Chengdu was more about the Hunters losing the game than the Spark winning it, so taking anything from this game on the Spark side is difficult. Look to future games against Dallas and the Gladiators to gain more information about where this team is at right now.

16. Toronto Defiant

Wek3 Toronto Defiant

Out of playoffs and out of mind, the Defiant lost to the Mayhem and Seoul last week. While the losses were expected, the team took a map against both teams. Again, though, there isn’t much to take from those games. The Defiant will play their last game on Sunday, August 18 against the Mayhem, and they will go silently in the night, missed by only a few until next season.

17. Houston Outlaws

Beating the Los Angeles Gladiators earlier in the stage, the Outlaws gave fans hope. And, like a lot of teams, followed that up by absolutely said hope by not winning another game since. Eliminated from playoff contention, the team looks to go out with a 2-5 record. With the last game against the Hunters, the Outlaws might not even get that.

18. Florida Mayhem

Week3 Florida Mayhem

Even though the Mayhem are out of the playoff hunt, this team has put up the same number of wins this stage as the rest of their season combined. Despite how well they're performing, with a negative record in a meta that favors them and four total wins this season, the Mayhem stay in the bottom of the ranks.

19. Dallas

Week3 Dallas Fuel

The Fuel had an opportunity to move up in the rankings with a victory over the Gladiators, but were unable to finish the game out, giving the Gladiators their first reverse sweep ever. They're still looking for a win this stage, the Fuel have thrown their opportunity for a postseason appearance out the window.

20. Boston Uprising

Week3 Boston Uprising

Not only is Boston winless, but they've only won a total of four maps total this stage. The Uprising had terrible luck with the 2-2-2 role lock. Their vocal main tank and shotcaller has almost no experience on Orisa, Richard “rCk” Kanerva looks lifeless in the server with only rare instances of playmaking and the DPS can’t seem to find their place. With no hope of making the playoffs, the Uprising need to make some changes for next season to prevent this sort of embarrassment to continue.

Images VIA: Robert Paul, Stewart Volland and Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

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