Overwatch League Season 2: Official Schedule Release

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Overwatch League Season 2: Official Schedule Release

The Overwatch League (OWL) has officially announced that Season 2 will begin on Valentines Day 2019. Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles will once again play host to all OWL regular season games. It is predicted that Season 3 will have teams travel worldwide and compete at home and away arenas.

OWL Season 2 will take place over 20 weeks. Each of the 20 teams will participate in 28 matches over that time. The 28 matches will be broken up into 4 stages, with 7 games played each stage. There was talk of player fatigue during Season 1, therefore the new schedule has been created with that in mind to help with player mental and physical well-being. Stage Finals will return after the third stage of games.

Similar to the NBA, MLB and NHL, the All-star game will be moved to the middle of the season. The OWL All-star game will take place between stages 2 and 3.

For the postseason, the divisional winners and the following 4 teams in the overall standings will be playoff bound. 2 more teams will also qualify for the playoffs after the #7 to #12 overall placed teams compete in a do-or-die style tournament.

Source: Overwatch League

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