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Overwatch League Season 2: Opening Week’s Featured Matchups

Opening Overwatch League Game

OWL Season 2 – Day 1 Matchups

OWL Season 2 Day 1

Day 1 is very exciting, especially when the opener is a rematch of the Grand Finals! However, that will not be our match of the day as we have the LA Gladiators taking on Seoul Dynasty. This will be the first of their many grudge matches. It’s no secret that Fissure and the LA Gladiators had a huge falling out at the most crucial point of Season 1. With Fissure joining Seoul Dynasty, I believe the bitterness of these teams will come out on the first day. I don’t know about you, but I will have my popcorn ready for this one.

OWL Season 2 – Day 2 Matchups

OWL Season 2 Day 2

On Day 2 we also have some fantastic matches. Dafran could be making his debut against Florida Mayhem, and we’ll also be getting our first look at Toronto, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. I am going to have to go with the Season 1 rematch of Dallas Fuel vs. San Fransisco Shock as the match of the day. Both teams looked rather weak at the start of Season 1, but near the end, both picked up the pace. With strong additions to each roster, this will give us a good idea of how well these teams will perform in Season 2.

OWL Season 2 – Day 3 Matchups

OWL Season 3 Day 3

Day 3 will feature the first battle of Europe with London vs. Paris. However, I am going to have to pick the matchup between Shanghai and Vancouver and Day 3’s match of the day. This will be the rematch of the Korean Contenders Season 2 Finals. Shanghai is mostly made up the KongDoo roster, and Vancouver is made up of all of the RunAway roster. This match was incredible, and I can see these two teams delivering another thriller.

OWL Season 2 – Day 4 Matchups

OWL Season 2 Day 4

Last but not least we have the Day 4. This day is stacked with Season 1 rematches. If Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty is anything like their first match in Season 1, then we’re in store for a treat. These two went toe-to-toe in what was one of the best games in Season 1 OWL. With improvements to their rosters, I could see both of these teams claiming the throne that they so desperately wanted in Season 1.

Overwatch league Changes: Video Analysis

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