Overwatch League Recap Stage 2 | Week 1 | Day 4

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Overwatch League Recap Stage 2 | Week 1 | Day 4

Welcome to the OWL S2W1D4 Recap! The first week of Stage 2 has come to a close, and fans were given matches full of excitement and chaos to finish the week. From Ameng crushing an orange on analyst Bren’s head to almost a full day of clean sweeps, here is just some of the action from the latest Overwatch League matches.

Final Scores

Teams highlighted in bold are the match winners.

San Francisco Shock vs Guangzhou Charge – 4-0

Atlanta Reign vs London Spitfire – 4-0

Vancouver Titans vs Hangzhou Spark – 4-0

Washington Justice vs Chengdu Hunters – 3-1


San Francisco Shock vs Guangzhou Charge

 OWL Shock vs Charge

The top moment from the match between the San Francisco Shock versus the Guangzhou Charge was the last moments of Junkertown. As Guangzhou tried to push the payload forward, the Shock was ready for them.

Main tank Super dropped his Earthshatter as Reinhardt and knocked the Charge’s DPS player, KyB, to the ground. Sinatraa finished him off and then used his Graviton Surge to trap two more of the Charge in place. One by one the members of Guangzhou fell, and with nobody left to move the payload in Overtime, the Shock took the map and finished the series with a clean sweep.

Atlanta Reign vs London Spitfire 

OWL Spitfire vs Reign

The Atlanta Reign and the London Spitfire faced off for the second match of the day. The highlight of the game came from London’s flex tank, Fury, who is arguably one of the best D.va players in the world now.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

As London came close to taking the second point on Temple of Anubis, Atlanta began to contest the objective. But Fury put an end to their plans, as he dropped his Self-Destruct in just the right position to boop the Reign off of the point, allowing London to gain the percentage they needed to win the map.

Vancouver Titans vs Hangzhou Spark 

OWL Vancouver vs Spark

If there’s one thing the Titans were known for before they joined the Overwatch League, it was Haksal’s Genji plays. And that Genji made a stunning return to the spotlight on Kings Row. Flex support for the Titans, Twilight, gave Haksal a nano-boost before the DPS star unleashed his Dragonblade, taking out three members of the Hangzhou Spark whilst trying to contest the point. Unfortunately, the blade wasn’t enough, and the Spark managed to push them back to spawn to try again.

Washington Justice vs Chengdu Hunters

 OWL Justice vs Hunters

The Chengdu Hunters are now a team where anything can happen with them and most likely, it will work. According to the OWL stats expert, CaptainPlanet, 27 of Overwatch’s 30 heroes were played during the match. It’s now becoming the case of what composition the Hunters can’t player rather than what they can. The prime example of their whacky but fantastic moves being on Watchpoint Gibraltar.

The yottachad himself, Ameng, let loose his minefield as Wrecking Ball, and DPS player JinMu decided to switch to Doomfist, but for good reason. Instead of getting kills for himself, JinMu used his Rocket Punch ability to shove DPS player for the Justice, Ado, into the minefield and kill him. With only forty seconds left on the clock for the Justice, they were scrambling to get things done, but DPS player for the Hunters, Baconjack, had other plans, landing two crisp headshots as Widowmaker to clean up the stragglers of Washington, securing the match win for the Hunters.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Coming Up

Here are the upcoming matches for Week 2 of Stage 2.


8 PM EST – Paris Eternal vs Florida Mayhem

9:45 PM EST – New York Excelsior vs Washington Justice

11:30 PM EST – Vancouver Titans vs Seoul Dynasty

Friday 12th April 1:15 AM EST – Toronto Defiant vs Philadelphia Fusion



8 PM EST – Los Angeles Valiant vs Atlanta Reign

9:45 PM EST – Boston Uprising vs Hangzhou Spark

11:30 PM EST – Guangzhou Charge vs San Francisco Shock

Saturday 13th April 1:15 AM EST – Chengdu Hunters vs Shanghai Dragons



4 PM EST – London Spitfire vs Philadelphia Fusion

5:45 PM EST – Vancouver Titans vs Houston Outlaws

7:30 PM EST – Dallas Fuel vs Toronto Defiant

9:15 PM EST – Los Angeles Gladiators vs Guangzhou Charge



4 PM EST – Dallas Fuel vs Paris Eternal

5:45 PM EST – Atlanta Reign vs Washington Justice

7:30 PM EST – New York Excelsior vs Florida Mayhem

9:15 PM EST – Los Angeles Valiant vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Images VIA: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch League, and the Washington Justice

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