Overwatch League: NYXL Signs Kalios

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Overwatch League: NYXL Signs Kalios

New York Excelsior signs former Boston Uprising Shin “Kalios” Woo-yeol as their new off-tank player.

New York Excelsior welcomes a new off-tank player: Shin “Kalios” Woo-yeol. The team placed 4th in the June Joust tournament, making it to the Grand Finals bracket. However, NYXL lacks a good shot-caller that could help them perform even better. They might have found one today, as Kalios joins the team.

Kalios is coming back to the Overwatch League, three years after his departure from Boston Uprising. The Uprising exercised the team option and released Kalios following unprofessional behavior during practice. The player would frequently disrupt practice and berate the coaching staff. It led Boston Uprising to ban Kalio from the practice facility and eventually release the player altogether.

After his time with Boston Uprising, Kalios went back to Contenders. He played with various teams, and notably won the Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season 1: Korea with O2 Blast. Kalios joined WGS Phoenix for the 2021 edition of the competition and ended up in 6th place.

Kalios joins NYXL

Kalios is now joining the New York Excelsior for a new shot in the Overwatch League. He joins the two other tank players of the team: Gyeong-mu “Yakpung” Jo and Dong-wook “BiaNcA” Kim. Kalios have experience playing with Yakpung, with whom he formed the tanking duo of O2 Blast.

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As Kalios and Yakpung know each other pretty well from their past common experience, the new off-tank player of New York Excelsior might outshine BiaNcA. NYXL currently lacks a shot-caller and Kalios could fill that role. His affinity with the team’s main tank player and his shotcalling abilities may grant him a place in NYXL’s starting six.

The next match of New York Excelsior will be on July 9, as they face Hangzhou Spark in the Overwatch League 2021 Summer Showdown.

Overwatch League: NYXL Signs Kalios
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