Overwatch League Match of the Week | Stage 4 | Week 3 | Philadelphia Fusion vs Vancouver Titans

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Overwatch League Match of the Week | Stage 4 | Week 3 | Philadelphia Fusion vs Vancouver Titans

ESTNN's Charlotte August is back with a preview of this week's Overwatch League Match of the Week.

Overwatch League's Stage 4 Week 2 saw some surprising but incredible match results. The 2-2-2 role lock has introduced new compositions, and some teams have surprised the fans with their prowess in the new meta. Several teams could provide upsets, and that’s where this week’s edition of ESTNN’s Overwatch League Match of the Week starts.


Philadelphia Fusion vs Vancouver Titans

Before last weeks matches, some would consider this match to be far down the list as a potential match of the week. But after the results we saw, this match could prove to be exciting and impactful.

The Philadelphia Fusion is taking a mile with every inch their opponents give them. They are sitting at 7th place on the League table, just one place shy of securing a playoffs spot. With a 14-11 win-loss record and a +0-map differential, things aren’t looking that bad for the Fusion. That said, they face a tough opponent in the Vancouver Titans. The dominant newcomers to the league are sitting high and mighty in 1st place on the table. With a 22-2 win-loss record and a +56-map differential, they are the team to beat.

That’s the key word, though: almost. While Vancouver has only lost twice in their Overwatch League match history, their first regular-season loss was to the rejuvenated Los Angeles Valiant. And their second loss was perhaps the most surprising; Vancouver lost to the Washington Justice. It’s not to say that the Vancouver Titans aren’t dominating this stage, but there are clear opportunities for teams to take down the Titans.

2019 S4W2D2 0109 Jaehyeok carpe Lee Ben Pursell

It’s more to the fact that other teams have found their footing with this meta and have shown that they can compete in it. If Vancouver really wants to shine in 2-2-2, there is one player that can possibly cause teams to run away in fear, and his name is Chung-hee “Stitch” Lee. Lee is an exceptional DPS player and most consider him to be a very flexible one at that. He’s renowned for his McCree but can run a variety of other heroes too, including Soldier:76 and Tracer.

DPS Matchups Will Be Key

The reason why Lee could be the key to the Titans’ success is simple: the DPS matchup. It’s no secret that Vancouver is exceptionally talented, but they are facing off against the Philadelphia Fusion. And the Fusion have Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee. Carpe was arguably the best Widowmaker in the League during last season, but times have changed (and so has the meta). Carpe runs a similar hero pool to Stitch, and it’s likely the sniping superstar will run his famous pick during this series.

If Vancouver isn’t going to run Widowmaker, it’s best for them to put Stitch in against Carpe. A lot of the weight of this matchup will be on the DPS’ shoulders, but this match could swing either way depending on who brings their A-game.

You can watch the match on Sunday 11th August at 3 PM ET.

Image VIA: Ben Pursell and Stewert Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

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