Overwatch League Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 3 | London Spitfire vs. New York Excelsior

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Overwatch League Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 3 | London Spitfire vs. New York Excelsior

ESTNN’s Charlotte August is back for another Match of the Week. This week, we’ve got the London Spitfire vs. the New York Excelsior.

We’re now in the middle of the Overwatch League's Stage 3! With the Season Playoffs drawing closer, every match matters for the final standings. A few teams have already been eliminated from the running, but, for the remaining teams, seeding is everything. So, without further ado, here is the match of the week!


Match of the Week: London Spitfire versus New York Excelsior

It isn’t hard to imagine that we'd pick a match between two of the strongest teams in the League as this week’s match to watch. The Excelsior are sitting at 2nd place in the season standings with a win-loss record of 15-2 and a +37-map differential. They’re only just behind the Vancouver Titans, who still haven’t dropped a single match so far this season. And whilst the London Spitfire aren’t quite up to par in terms of their record, they’re still looking good for the post-season playoffs. With a map differential of +14 for the season so far and an 11-6 win-loss record, London is still looking fairly strong in terms of making it to it to the playoffs, as they now sit in 5th place on the league table.

New York Excelsior Match of the Week

Whilst last week looked towards the flex supports as the positions to watch, this week your attention should be focused on the main supports. With ArK being traded to the Washington Justice, the Excelsior only have Anamo, and the 21-year-old main support will have to carry his team. He’s done a good job, however, at doing that so far. Ranked 2nd in the League for average deaths per 10 minutes at 2.27 DPM, he puts out enough healing and stays alive long enough to keep his teammates going in crucial moments. But there’s a new face on the side of the London Spitfire that’s on the rise, and his name is Quatermain.

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Quartermain is on fire

The South Korean pro Quatermain started out his career in a team called MiG Blaze. After proving himself on Blaze, he attracted attention from AF. Red who signed the young player. Afreeca is best known for housing players like NYXL’s main tank Mano, former Boston Uprising main tank Kalios and Houston Outlaws DPS player ArHaN. Despite AF.Red not placing well during APEX, Cloud9 Jondoo soon made Quatermain a temporary stand-in for the Seoul Cup.

Quatermain then went on to play for Team KongDoo Uncia and Samsung MorningStars Black. After that, the London Spitfire called him up and added him to their main roster. In fact, Quatermain has already begun to build up his reputation in the Overwatch League, having completed a clean sweep in his debut match against the Boston Uprising. Finally, Quatermain will destroy any of the players in a rap battle, and if you’ve watched his performance during APEX Karaoke, it’s easy to see why.


It isn’t just the main supports that make these teams shine; the other players are no slouches either. Profit and Birdring are the solid DPS duo for the Spitfire, with Guard also making a name for himself on the Sombra. Mano and MeKo have become one of the best tank duos in the league, with their ability to combo their ultimates being (almost) second to none. JJoNak still holds his reputation as a deadly Zenyatta. Finally, Gesture is still the solid main tank that the London Spitfire needs. Besides, the Spitfire were the Season One Champions, and they’re clearly after a second championship title.

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The London Spitfire and the New York Excelsior battle it out on Friday June 21st at 7pm ET.

Image VIA: Stewert Volland for Blizzard Entertainment

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