Overwatch League Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 3 | London Spitfire vs. Los Angeles Valiant

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Overwatch League Match of the Week | Stage 3 | Week 3 | London Spitfire vs. Los Angeles Valiant

ESTNN's Charlotte August is back with the Match of the Week for Week 4 of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch League Match of the Week

The Stage 3 Playoff picture is beginning to take shape in the Overwatch League. This marks the last Stage Playoff round of the season, and teams are giving their all in order to secure a place. But one team has surprised the entire fanbase with their recent victory, and that’s where we start this edition of ESTNN's Overwatch League Match of the Week.


Match of the Week – London Spitfire vs Los Angeles Valiant


This may confuse some viewers at first, but when you look at the Los Angeles Valiant’s recent victory, it will be exciting to see whether or not they can keep up their recent momentum. The London Spitfire are currently in 5th place in the League, with a 12-7 match record and a +14-map differential.

Looking to the future, it’s more than likely that the Spitfire will make it into the Season Playoffs. That said, it's a completely different story for their opponents: the Los Angeles Valiant. The Valiant are 17th overall, with a 7-12 match record and a -7-map differential. That doesn't bode too well for their chances to make it to the Season 2 Playoffs.

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Los Angeles Valiant bouncing back?

Custa2 Los Angeles Valiant

The Los Angeles Valiant gave the Vancouver Titans their first loss of the season, toppling the team with a final score of 3-1. The team has recently made roster changes, picking up main tank FCTFCTN, flex tank McGravy and DPS Shax. These new pickups have paid off for the squad.

The Valiant's match against the Titans showed that LA is a team that seems energized after a seriously rough start. McGravy and FCTFCTN were both in other Overwatch League teams before they joined the Valiant. McGravy spent time with the Florida Mayhem this season, and FCTFCTN joined the Houston Outlaws last year before the team cut him in the off-season. Fans of these players will be delighted to see them flourishing in their new team, and they should be excited to see what the future holds for the Valiant.


Battle of the Flex Supports

Bdosin has been a staple in the London Spitfire’s lineup since the first season. He hasn’t slowed down at all this season, either. Ranked 23rd for average healing, as well as 3.93 deaths on average per 10 minutes, Bdosin demonstrates how a good Zenyatta should perform within the confines of his team.

He keeps them alive whilst also staying alive himself, and his damage stats aren't too shabby, either. But the Valiant also have a trick up their sleeve, as they demonstrated on Sunday in their matches against the Titans and the Shanghai Dragons.

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KariV managed to land a massive 70 sleep darts over the course of both matches as Ana. If the Valiant want to continue on the path of victory, it would be very wise of them to keep him on flex support again after what we saw from him last week.


You can watch the Los Angeles Valiant and the London Spitfire go head to head on Friday June 28th at 8:30pm ET.

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