Overwatch League: Florida Mayhem Releases DPS Player Apply

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Overwatch League: Florida Mayhem Releases DPS Player Apply

The Florida Mayhem revealed today that they are releasing DPS player Damon “Apply” Conti from their roster.

It seems today is a day of goodbyes in the Overwatch League. On the same day that the Toronto Defiant announced that DPS player Joon-seong “Asher” Choi is retiring, the Florida Mayhem tweeted out an announcement that they were officially releasing Apply from their roster. This hasn’t come to a surprise for many fans, since Apply and his fellow DPS player, TviQ, alongside flex tank McGravy, revealed they were looking for new teams as the Mayhem made huge changes in their lineup.

These changes seem to be the next step for the Mayhem who have been transitioning to an all-Korean roster since the end of Season One. These changes included the transfer of their newly signed Assistant Coach, Promise, who was traded to the Los Angeles Valiant. Soon after Promise's transfer, Head Coach Yeah left the team, whilst Coach Mineral was released. The Mayhem then signed INSIGHT as the new head coach. Before this recent release, the Florida Mayhem acquired main tank Fate from the Los Angeles Valiant and NRG Esports flex support Byrem to round out their roster.

Apply moves on

Apply made a name for himself in the professional Overwatch scene, competing in Contenders Trials with Kungarna. He was picked up by Mayhem Academy and played on three seasons of Contenders North America before moving up to the Mayhem’s Overwatch League roster on a two-way contract. But his time with the team was short-lived. Since his promotion, he still mainly competed with Mayhem Academy and rarely played on the Overwatch League stage. Mayhem then designated him LFT during the early part of May until they released Conti today.

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The young DPS star has come a long way from originally playing with teams like Chicken Contenders (not to be mistaken with Chicken Contendies) and Sinatraas Rap Playlist in the early days of Overwatch tournaments.

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