Overwatch League Atlanta Reign Homestand Primer | Part 3

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Overwatch League Atlanta Reign Homestand Primer | Part 3

ESTNN's Charlotte August takes fans through the final two teams they'll see at the Atlanta Reign Homestand this weekend.

Welcome to the final part of ESTNN’s Atlanta Reign Homestand Weekend Primer! Previously, we looked at the Toronto Defiant, the Philadelphia Fusion and the Guangzhou Charge. This time, we’ll be closing it out with the Shanghai Dragons and the New York Excelsior. Without further ado, let’s begin!


Shanghai Dragons

OWL Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons have been one of the most interesting teams to watch this season. They’re at 6th place on the season table, with a 11-8 match record and a +1-map differential. They have a tough schedule ahead, but if they can keep it up, they might be able to keep their place in the season playoffs.

The reason the Shanghai Dragons are one of the most interesting teams this season is simply because of their turnaround. From no wins last season to merely games away from making it to the season playoffs, the changes they made are really making the difference. They parted ways with their old head coach and almost completely reformed the roster during the off-season. The new additions to the team have shone brightly, with players like DDing making a name for himself among the fans.

But one thing that stops the team just short is when their ability to keep their momentum going during matches against top teams like the San Fransisco Shock and New York. If they can keep it up, they can take their games in Atlanta with ease.


New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior Match of the Week

And our final team of the primer is none other than the top team from last year’s season, the New York Excelsior. They’re in 2nd place for the season, with a 17-2 match record with a +39-map differential. They’re all but set to clinch their spot in the season playoffs, all they need do now is keep up their momentum.

New York hasn’t let their fans down this season, having only lost twice so far, and both times were to the Atlanta Reign. They haven’t made it far enough in the Stage Playoffs though, losing to the Dynasty in the Stage 1 Playoffs and the Titans in Stage 2’s Playoffs.

Their problem doesn’t lie in inconsistencies or the lack of communication, merely that they underestimate their opponents when they head into a match. They underestimated Atlanta in their first match, losing to them 1-3, but when they met a second time, it was a much closer affair. If the Excelsior can keep their guard up, they can take their match wins this weekend.

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