Mohammed Abuzahria
Mohammed Abuzahria
MOETORIOUS has played multiple games professionally, getting top placements as both a player and coach. He has gained unequivocal knowledge which is why he is the perfect content creator for esports breakdowns and analysis. Follow him on Twitter @theMOETORIOUS.

Overwatch League Analysis, Episode 2: The Great Bamboozle – LA Gladiators

LA Gladiators Overwatch Video

Did the LA Gladiators pull off the greatest play in Overwatch Esports history?

Having to capture the first point of Kings Row, the Gladiators devised a wild, never seen before plan. Have you ever heard the phrase its so crazy that it might just work? That's precisely what happened, and they pulled it off against none other than Overwatch League Champions, the London Spitfire.

How did they do it?

In this video, MOETORIOUS breaks down the entire play from team positioning and execution to the roles each player took part in, and even goes in-depth using the voice comms of the Gladiators.

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