Overwatch League Analysis, Episode 1: Gesture – London Spitfire

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Overwatch League Analysis, Episode 1: Gesture – London Spitfire

In my last video, I briefly went over Gesture’s play on Eichenwalde and how he dominated the Philadelphia Fusion. Even though I overwhelmingly received positive feedback, I wanted to go more in-depth and provide a higher level analysis video. In this video, I am going to be shedding more light on the London Spitfire as a team, talking about their positioning and preplanning. Then I'm going to break down a specific team-fight and evaluate the roles of the team, especially what gesture brings to the table as a Winston. Finally, I'm going to give my final thoughts and expand to why I believe Carpe was utterly neutralized in the situation.

I want to say that I thank you all for supporting me with my last two videos, they're getting thousands of views, thank you as well for upvoting my posts! I appreciate all the support which is why I take constructive criticism seriously because all I want to do is provide great videos for you guys and anything that could improve my content or improve my videos always gladly take the advice.

Just a few things about me regarding my experience: I have been playing video games competitively since I was 14. I have been to many LANs for different games and won thousands of dollars. As a coach, I successfully coached Kungarna who had players in OWL Season 1 such as babybay and remix during Winter Premiere and got 2nd place at PAX! I played on teams with all the players noted above as well as Bischu on LA GLADIATORS! Under Splyce, I was coached by WizardHyeong, now coach of NYXL. Hopefully, you guys feel like I'm qualified to make this type of content and I'm only going to get better!

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