Overwatch: Immortals Sells Houston Outlaws Franchise to Beasley Media Group

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Overwatch: Immortals Sells Houston Outlaws Franchise to Beasley Media Group

Houston's Overwatch League team is under new management.

Today, the Immortals Gaming Club announced they've sold the Houston Outlaws. The buyer of this Overwatch League franchise is Beasley Broadcast Group.

Immortals acquired the Outlaws in June when they bought Infinite Esports and Entertainment, but due to them already owning the Los Angeles Valiant, they had to sell the team. Under Blizzard's oversight, they finally have.

Beasley Broadcast Group isn't a common name in esports. That's because they're an American based company that specializes in radio. They own over 65 radio stations but are now trying their hand in Overwatch esports. This is their attempt to try new “revenue and cash flow diversification strategies,” but can be a major boon for the Overwatch scene as they have the capability to broadcast the games to a large audience.

CEO of Immortals Ari Segal said that Beasley “have exciting plans to deepen the already strong connection between the Outlaws and the local Houston market and represent the ideal strategic owner for this asset.” In addition, CEO of Beasley said that this acquisition will allow Beasley to “deliver great local, national, and global content” about Overwatch and the OWL.

The third Overwatch League season will begin in February of 2020. Until then, Beasley has a lot of work to do to get ready to deliver a team Houston will be proud of.

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