Overwatch: How to Escape Bronze, What Heroes to Pick

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Overwatch: How to Escape Bronze, What Heroes to Pick

The fact that most people who play Overwatch are stuck at Bronze shouldn’t come as a surprise. Players who know what they’re doing can easily escape the “elo hell”. However, others spend weeks if not months playing there because they don’t pick the right heroes. Learn how to escape bronze and what heroes to pick in our guide. 

Even though Overwatch is a complex game where you have to do all sorts of things to be successful, picking the right heroes is of utmost importance. Unsurprisingly, some heroes are stronger in given brackets than others. Since most people in Bronze don’t have a lot of experience in the game, you can easily escape this bracket simply by getting the strongest DPS, tanks, and healers. 

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most impressive heroes you should focus on if you are in Bronze. Although they can’t guarantee you the victory, their higher win rating means that most people playing then win.


Although we didn’t expect Symmetra to be the most successful heroin Bronze, it seems like she is. According to Overbuff, this hero has an almost 58% win rating, which is pretty impressive. 

Symmetra is one of the few heroes in OW that has turrets. It seems like opponents who are not very good at the game don’t know how to deal with them. So, once you start playing with this hero, you need to learn how and where to place your turrets. 

Don’t forget that Symmetra’s teleporter allows the hero and her allies to escape from danger or storm a given point. This also plays a vital role in the hero’s win rating.


Speaking of turrets, the first name that comes to mind is Torbjörn. He is usually a meta hero, which means that people pick him when he is one of the go-to options. Of course, this rarely applies to ranked games, where people play whatever they like.

Since Symmetra is the hero with the highest win rating in Bronze, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Torb is second. The hero has almost a 57% win rating, which means he is one of the best options you can get.

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The main reason for his success is his Turrent. Unsurprisingly, the ability deals an impressive amount of damage, especially if you position it somewhere where the opponents won’t be able to destroy it. Every map has many locations that allow Torb to utilize his full potential.

Aside from the turret, Torb is also one of the highest damage dealers. Many people underestimate his left and right mouse click damage, as well as his ultimate. A good Torb player can easily kill multiple opponents and destroy almost every shield in the game.

Speaking of shields, Torb is also one of the most robust DPS heroes in Overwatch. This makes him ideal for people who are new to the game.


After pointing out the two leading DPS, it is time to look at another “OP” hero. Brigitte is the support that used to be the most dominant hero in the game when she became available. Even though she received numerous nerfs after that, Brigitte continues to be the most dominant support in this bracket.

Despite her low pick rate, Brigitte has a 52.78% win rating, which puts her ahead of the next best support – Lucio. Brigitte has the power to do a lot of CCs and can also deal a significant amount of damage. Furthermore, she is the only support hero with a shield, making her harder to kill.


As mentioned above, Lucio is the next-best support hero you can get in this bracket. According to the stats, this hero has a 52.25% win rating, which is impressive for one of the hardest supports to master.

Lucio is definitely fun to play and can be excellent in many setups. However, he is one of the hardest heroes to master, especially if you play against good opponents. Some Bronze players will know how to deal with him, but others won’t be able to counter you in any way.

Lucio is one of the best support heroes versus any opponents whose ult deals tons of burst damage. Since DPS like Hanzo and Reaper are popular in this bracket, picking Lucio is usually a good idea.

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If there is one hero that shines against people who are not that good at the game, it has to be Bastion. He is notorious for his insane damage capabilities and the fact that he is one of the best at defending certain chokepoints. Of course, this comes at a cost, and in this case, it is his mobility. 

Once Bastion turns into a cannon, he can’t move. Consequently, he becomes an easy target for pretty much any DPS hero in the game, especially those who can burst him down. That’s why Bastion is not among the go-to options for higher-ranked players.

The good news is that most people in Bronze have no idea how to deal with Bastion. Instead of trying to sneak behind him and use another chokepoint, they usually decide to fight him head-on. Needless to say, this is not a good idea because the hero deals too much damage.

Currently, Bastion has a 50.37% win rating, making him one of the best DPS in the bracket.


The last hero on the list that has many fans in this bracket is Pharah. If you look at our article about the best Grandmaster heroes, you will see that Pharah is the most successful DPS there. However, the hero’s win rating here is lower because she is picked more often.

For now, Pharah has around a 50.25% win rating, which means she is almost as good as Bastion. Like him, this hero has tons of counters that can be difficult to play against. FOr example, Widowmaker and Torb can be a nightmare.

Pharah is good at doing AoE damage and can work well in multiple setups. However, it all comes down to the specific map and the heroes you have to face. Even if you don't have any counters, make sure your opponents don't switch. Once that happens, you can pick another hero.

Overwatch: How to Escape Bronze, What Heroes to Pick
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