Overwatch: Hero Pool Week 15

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Overwatch: Hero Pool Week 15

The hero bans this week from the Overwatch League, Contenders, and competitive games above the Master rank are Mei, Tracer, Orisa and Moira.

New week, new Overwatch hero pool! For the week of May 11, Mei, Tracer, Orisa and Moira will not be available for high-level and professional Overwatch matches.

The hero pools determine which heroes are available in competitive games. Since the latest hero pool update, only games above the Master or Grandmaster skill level (ranking above 3,500 SR) are affected by these hero bans.

 Hero Usage Rate the last couple of weeks in the Overwatch League

Mei, the troublemaker of Overwatch, is not part of the Hero Pool for week 15. Despite a pick rate of only 25.1% the last two weeks of the Overwatch League, the freezing hero will stay on the bench this weekend. Tracer is also left out of the Hero Pool, with a 46.0% pick rate.

A graph showing the Hero Usage rating for damage dealers with Echo at 49.5% and Tracer at 46%

Echo made a noticeable come back to the Overwatch League. The hero 32 was present in almost 50% of the games the last two weeks of the Overwatch League.

Even if D.Va dominated the Overwatch League the past couple of weeks with 61.2% of pick rate, the tank mecha stays safe this week. Orisa is removed from the hero pool, with a 39.8% pick rate the last two weeks of the Overwatch League.

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A graph showing the Hero Usage rating for tanks with D.Va at 61.2%

As D.Va stays in the Overwatch Hero Pool despite a pick rate over 60%, chances are she will be back next week in the Overwatch League.

The support heroes share the pick rates quite evenly. Except for Brigitte and Mercy; who were banned last week, all available support heroes have a pick rate of over 23.9%. Moira, the fourth most played healer, ends up being banned for the Overwatch League Week 15.

A graph showing the Hero Usage rating for healers, showing Lucio with 39.9%

Impact in the Overwatch League

The Overwatch Week 15 Hero Pool is breaking different existing metas. The double shield composition cannot stand without Orisa even if a skilled Sigma could take her place in the team composition. The dive meta is not the same without Tracer and Moira even if removing Mei and Orisa as counters can help. This week bans will give more room for new team composition in the Overwatch League, Contenders, and competitive games above the Master skill range.

The Overwatch League matches affected by this hero pool are:


  • Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu Hunters
  • London Spitfire vs Shanghai Dragons
  • New York Excelsior vs Hangzhou Spark
  • Vancouver Titans vs Houston Outlaws
  • Florida Mayhem vs Washington Justice


  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs Boston Uprising
  • San Francisco Shock vs Atlanta Reign
  • Guangzhou Charge vs Chengdu Hunters
  • Hangzhou Spark vs London Spitfire
  • Dallas Fuel vs Paris Eternal
  • Philadelphia Fusion vs Vancouver Titans
  • Toronto Defiant vs Los Angeles Valiant
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