Overwatch: Hangzhou Spark Welcomes Ado

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Overwatch: Hangzhou Spark Welcomes Ado

Hangzhou Spark signs flex DPS player Gi-hyeon “Ado” Chon after a two-month tryout.

A complicated start in the Overwatch League

Gi-hyeon “Ado” Chon is a veteran player from the Overwatch League. He began his adventure on the main stage in 2018 with the Shanghai Dragons. This first step on the League didn’t go as planned, as Shanghai Dragons did their worst season ever, scoring the longest losing streak ever in the esport history.

Following this disastrous first season, Shanghai Dragons released most of their roster, including Ado. He joins Washington Justice late 2018, but the losing streak doesn’t stop here. Ado gets his first victory in the Overwatch League on May 17, 2019 against Florida Mayhem, after 36 consecutive losses. He ended up the 2019 season with Washington Justice on the 17th place, out of 20.

Ado walking to the main stage with Shanghai Dragons
Ado walking to the main stage with Shanghai Dragons

Is it time for Ado’s redemption in the League?

Ado joins the Hangzhou Spark after a two-months tryout with the team. His Genji skills are a precious asset, and as Haksal and WhoRU showed in the first week of the Overwatch League, Genji might take his place back on the top tier of the meta.

However, Hangzhou Spark already has three DPS players. Kyeong-bo “GodsB” Kim is the hitscan specialist of the team. Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park is also a hitscan player, but as a two-way between Hangzhou Spark and Bilibili Gaming. The main competitor of Ado for a place on the starting six is Jaehwan “Adora” Kang, a flex DPS mainly playing Tracer, Genji and Junkrat, just like Ado.

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The current Hangzhou Spark roster:


  • Qiulin “guxue” Xu
  • Sungwook “Ria” Park
  • Sanghyun “SASIN” Song


  • Hojin “iDK” Park
  • Huichang “BeBe” Yoon
  • Tong “Coldest” Xiaodong
  • Liu “M1ka” Jiming


  • Jaehwan “Adora” Kang
  • Kyeong-bo “GodsB” Kim
  • Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park (two-way with Bilibili Gaming)
  • Gi-hyeon “Ado” Chon
Overwatch: Hangzhou Spark Welcomes Ado
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