Overwatch Grand Finals: Everything You Need to Know

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Overwatch Grand Finals: Everything You Need to Know

This weekend, the San Francisco Shock will face down the Vancouver Titans in Philidelphia.

It’s finally here. After four stages, three stage finals and countless maps played, the Season 2 Overwatch League Grand Finals are here. Many predicted that the Vancouver Titans and the San Francisco Shock may meet again in Philadelphia, and those predictions have come to fruition. But which team do the odds favor? Additionally, there are some special in-game benefits to watching the Grand Finals, so, in the wise words of Lucio, lets break it down!

Overwatch League Grand Finals: Titans vs. Shock

Vancouver Titans

Overwatch League Grand Finals Vancouver Titans

It’s no surprise that the Titans have gotten this far. The team is exceptionally talented, and they’ve only lost twice in the regular season. Once to the Los Angeles Valiant, and, interestingly, once to the Shock. But what makes them stand out from the crowd?

There are several shining spots on Vancouver’s roster, but one of the biggest spots is their DPS lineup. There are four players that take up the DPS slots for the Titans, but the most common players in the lineup are Min-soo “SeoMinSoo” Seo and Hyojong “Haksal” Kim. Ever since the Reaper-Doomfist meta took off in the playoffs, these two have filled the spots, and it seems to be paying off. If the San Francisco Shock are looking to throw the Titans off their game, they should turn their attention to this dynamic duo.

San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock Rascal Overwatch League Grand Finals 2019

However, the Shock also has their strengths. Apart from their insane DPS lineup between Jay “Sinatraa” Won, Dongjun “Rascal” Kim, Minho “Architect” Park and Namjoo “Striker” Kwon, their main tanks are no slouches either. For the past few stages, we’ve seen Matthew “super” DeLisi take the spotlight as the Shock’s main tank, but now another player has stepped in for the playoffs. Myeong-hwan “smurf” Yoo has been with the team since September of last year but rarely played during the recent season. Now, it’s his time to shine in the playoffs, and his Orisa play looks sharp. The Titans better watch out for Yoo and his deadly tank play if they want to topple the team from the Bay.

This match will most definitely go the distance. As for who will come out on top, that one remains to be seen since both of these teams have beaten each other to take a stage playoff title. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Overwatch Grand Finals In-Game Rewards and Contests

In-game Rewards

Fans who watch the Grand Finals are eligble for in-game Overwatch rewards. There are three ways to watch the Grand Finals and earn rewards, including:

  • Watching the Grand Finals on Twitch with a linked Battle.net Account
  • Viewing the Grand Finals on OverwatchLeague.com while logged in with a Battle.net Account
  • Watching the Grand Finals inside the Overwatch Client

By watching the Grand Finals, fans are eligible for three different tiers of rewards depending on how long they watch for.

  • At least one (1) hour during the Finals: One (1) Wrecking Ball watch party spray
  • At least two (2) hours during the Finals: One (1) Grand Finals Trophy icon
  • At least three (3) hours during the Finals: One (1) Payload Watch Party Spray

By watching the Overwatch Grand Finals for at least three hours, viewers will get all of the above.

Grand Finals Sweepstakes

Blizzard is also celebrating the Grand Finals with a sweepstakes that include a “custom Nintendo Switch Prize Pack including an Overwatch game code and a signed Grand Finals player jersey.” The “runner-up prize is other custom Grand Finals merchandise.” Fans can enter the contest here, but should note that they have to be:

  •  18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the 50 U.S., the District of Columbia, South Korea, Canada (excluding Quebec), or Germany

New Merch

Blizzard has also released some brand new merchandise to celebrate the Season 2 Grand Finals! Fans can check them out below.

Where and When to Watch the Overwatch League Grand Finals

Fans can tune into the Season 2 Grand Finals of the Overwatch League by going to the official Overwatch League Twitch channel, OverwatchLeague.com, inside the Overwatch client, or on the official ESPN app. Additionally, ABC will air the Grand Final on television at 3 PM EDT. While the Grand Final itself starts at 3 PM, Overwatch League will probably broadcast its Watchpoint Preshow prior to the Grand Final as well, so fans should be sure to tune in early.

Image VIA: Ben Pursell and Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch League

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