Overwatch Flash OPS Tournament – What is it & What to expect?

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Overwatch Flash OPS Tournament – What is it & What to expect?

Are you interested in learning more about the Overwatch Flash Ops Tournament? Let’s see what to expect from it.

The current state of Overwatch 2’s eSports scene is difficult, to say the least. After we’ve learned that the Overwatch League is dead, the community is eager to see Blizzard’s new approach to one of their most popular games. Thankfully, there are a few other tournaments that players can keep an eye on, one of which is the Overwatch Flash Ops tournament.

Aside from the Saudi eLeague 2023: Season 2, there are several Overwatch flashops tournaments that players can choose from. Those things are important, so let’s learn more about them.

Overwatch Flash Ops Tournament Overview

Even though hardcore Overwatch 2 fans are familiar with these events, others haven’t had the chance to watch them before. Overwatch Flashops are tournaments organized by Blizzard and are open to the community. In order for teams to take part in them, they need to compete in qualifiers. Speaking of the devil, there are ongoing qualifiers for SEA, Japan, and Korea happening right now, so make sure to check what’s going on.

The benefit of those kinds of tournaments is that even Tier 2 and Tier 3 players have a potential chance of winning something. It is definitely not easy because the Overwatch Flash Ops tournament often has big names in it, but we have seen some interesting results in the past.

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Overwatch FlashOps Holiday Showdown 

There are several different kinds of Overwatch Flashops tournaments, but is on right now is the Holiday Showdown. The registration window is now closed (this happened on November 9), which means that eligible players residing in NA and EMEA will compete for their spot in the finals. Once the top 8 qualifying teams are known, they will compete for the $50K prize pool.

Other Information

Players interested in watching the Overwatch Flash Ops Tournament will see a lot of of different maps. If we take a look at the map pool, we can see it has control, flashpoint, escort, push, and hybrid. The prize pool will be the same in all regions, and the tournament itself starts on December 14 and will continue until December 17.

Overwatch Flash OPS Tournament – What is it & What to expect?
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