Overwatch Esports: Is the Mei Stall Strategy Viable?

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Overwatch Esports: Is the Mei Stall Strategy Viable?

This strategy might be one of the cheesiest strategies I have ever seen in Overwatch. Buts it's still a strategy nonetheless, and we need to approach the situation with an open mind instead of writing it off without analyzing its elements. The Mei Stall Strategy is fun to watch yet interesting to ponder about, so in this video, I'm going to explain whether or not this strategy has the potential to be viable for competitive Overwatch.

So what is the Mei stall strategy, The Mei stall strategy is when the defensive team positions themselves in an enclosed tight corridor where Mei can use her wall to close the opening of that corridor and at the same time contest the payload. Now, this could be frustrating for the attackers because when the wall goes up, there's pretty much nothing they could do but wait it out or break the wall. The wall is consists of 5 pillars with each pillar having 500 health, so in total, the wall has 2500 health. If you try and break the wall, you're going to have to break through an Orissa shield or a Reinhardt shield. And by the time you break the shields, Mei will have her wall back up. If the defending team plays the strategy correctly, it's incredibly challenging for the attackers to counter this because the defense will keep rotating their cooldowns, so they have a constant flow of resources going up.

In the video above, I discuss the best comp for the strategy to work best. I also say whether it's viable or not. Now, this is why I said it's not feasible in the video. The one ult that can destroy this entire strategy is the Hanzo dragon strike, and if you get countered by one ult entirely, I honestly don't think the strategy is viable. If I were coaching a team, I would try this strategy in scrims to test it out because I would like to keep an open mind, but at the end of the day, a Hanzo will eventually build a dragon strike and ultimately collapse the entire strategy.

The comps biggest strength is also its biggest weakness, trapped inside a tight area; the defenders won't have anywhere to dodge the Hanzo ultimate, killing most of the team and collapsing the entire defense. Also, bastion would tear through the shields before the cooldowns are back up due to the high consistent dps he provides.

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