Overwatch: Echo, the Underrated DPS

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Overwatch: Echo, the Underrated DPS

Most popular DPS heroes in Overwatch have been a part of the game for many years. However, since Blizzard released numerous updates, we saw a few new heroes, one of which is Echo. The latter is a DPS that can fly, deal massive amounts of damage, and steal other people’s abilities. Find out how to utilize her in our Overwatch Echo Guide.

Despite her utility, Echo is not easy to master, especially for someone who has no experience. There are several things that make the hero special, and we will take a look at them in this review. Keep in mind that the only way to get better with Echo or any other hero in Overwatch is to play as much as possible. So, once you’re done with this small guide, open the game and start playing.

Echo has a good mix of close and long-ranged power


Every hero in the game offers something to the table, and Echo is not an exception. Although the hero might not seem that great at first, she is one of the most versatile DPS in Overwatch when it comes down to her abilities. Thanks to Tri-Shot, the Sticky Bombs, and Focusing Beam, she can do damage from a distance and a high burst in close combat.

Sticky Bombs are just amazing


Although most of Echo’s abilities are amazing, we think that Sticky Bomb stands out. When used, Echo will fire six bombs at a given location or target. Once these bombs tick to something, they deal 5 damage each, and then 25 damage per bomb. In other words, she can easily kill a DPS hero in seconds, as long as she has hit it with her regular attack after that.

Besides the impressive damage, the thing that makes Sticky Bombs so deadly is their low cooldown. Echo can use this ability once every six seconds, which is unique, to say the least. These bombs are great for breaking shields and doing damage to tanks that are difficult to bring down.

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Despite their advantages, there are a few things that users have to take into account, such as their casting time. Once they stick to a target, they take one second to explode, which may be enough for some heroes to dodge the ability. What’s more, these bombs also deal damage to Echo herself.

Focusing Beam is the thing that will grant you loads of kills

Although the Sticky Bombs are great for certain situations, Echo usually needs to use something else to get kills. This is where the ability Focusing Beam comes to play.

This spell has an 8 seconds cooldown and it lasts two seconds. While casting it, Echo deals 50 DPS and up to 200 DPS if the target’s HP is below 50%. Needless to say, this makes Focusing Beam one of the best abilities in the game to finish your opponents. 

While channeling it, Echo is unable to use any of her other attacks (including the Sticky Bombs). However, the hero can always cancel the channel by pressing the same key used for activating it.

Duplicate is one of the most important abilities in the game


Every hero’s ultimate has a major impact during a fight, and Echo’s Duplicate is not an exception. However, instead of dealing damage or healing her allies, this ability allows the hero to copy an enemy’s hero and use her abilities for 15 seconds.

As you can guess, Duplicate can be game-changing if used on the right hero at the right time. The maximum range of using it is 40 meters, but the hero can’t use this ability through shields and walls. Furthermore, Echo can’t switch between different heroes while using this ability.

Aside from using the given hero’s spells, Echo’s Duplicate allows her to charge the given hero's ultimate 6.5 faster. In other words, she can easily use two ults in a matter of seconds, depending on the situation.

Interestingly, Echo will have to use the given player’s keybindings and options while transformed. Speaking of transformations, Echo will return to her traditional form once the ultimate expires.

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As you can probably guess, you will need to spend a lot of time before you learn how to utilize Duplicate to its full potential. There are cases where you will need to copy a tank, but you may need to get support or a specific DPS. 

Bad matchups

Echo is a unique hero that can make a real difference, but there are certain heroes that he has to be aware of. One of them and probably the most annoying one is Sombra. The latter has the ability to hack Echo’s spells, which means the hero won’t be able to utilize any of her deadly combos.

Window, Hanzo, and Ashe are also three names that you should be aware of if you decide to pick this hero. Even though Echo has the ability to switch her positions whenever she wants to, she can die easily against most snipers.

Solider: 76 is also one of the names that Echo players need to be aware of. Although this hero has Sticky Bombs, Solider also has rockets that can kill Echo in seconds, as long as he lands them. 

Thanks to Flight and Glide, you don’t really need to touch the ground


One of the reasons some people think that Echo and Pharah are similar is that both heroes can fly. What’s more, both of them have the ability to stay in the air all the time. Echo achieves that by having the ability called Glide, which allows it to glide while falling.

As for flying, the hero’s ability lasts for three seconds, and it has a 6 seconds cooldown. What’s more, it allows the hero to surge forward quickly, which means Echo can use it to escape from tricky situations.

Final Thoughts


Echo is a unique hero that is worth trying out. He can work really well when used in conjunction with some heroes, but she is also capable of surviving on her own. This is one of the few DPS in Overwatch whose ultimate can decide the faith of her entire team. 

Overwatch: Echo, the Underrated DPS
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