Overwatch: Doomfist Guide, Bringing Your Doom

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Overwatch: Doomfist Guide, Bringing Your Doom

Some heroes in Overwatch are notorious for being difficult to play, which is why you rarely see them among lower-ranked players. Our Overwatch Doomfist Guide will help you master one of the game's harder DPS.

Doomfist is much more complex than most other DPS. Those who know how to utilize his potential are aware that he is a monster and can make a huge difference.

Like with any hero, learning how to use Doomfirst’s full potential takes time. Of course, you also need to know what you’re doing, which is why this article will go over some things you must be aware of while playing.

Don’t expect gold medals while using Doomfist

One of the common misconceptions when playing Overwatch is that the gold medals you get while playing show how useful you are. This is true up to a point, but certain heroes can’t obtain gold medals as easily as you might think. Doomfist is one of them because this hero's focus is on the burst damage.

Although he may not do as much overall damage as Junkrat or Pharah, his burst potential is second to none. Once you learn how to land your combos, you can expect to kill almost any hero in the game in seconds, including tanks. This makes him great in almost any situation.

Doomfist is highly mobile

Another thing that is important to know about Doomfirst is that the hero is highly mobile. The fact that he can jump and charge whenever he feels like it allows him to go in and out of combat in seconds. As expected, this helps him survive in many situations where others can’t do anything.

Despite this high mobility, the hero’s abilities have cooldowns that users must be aware of. Many people waste their abilities for no reason, which often leaves them in awkward places where they die in seconds. Therefore, do not waste your Rocket Punch and Rising Uppercut unless you need them.

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Doomfist is great for solo kills

Due to the reasons mentioned above, Doomfirst is one of the best DPS heroes in the game when it comes down to solo kills. His high burst damage and mobility make him incredibly useful at killing specific targets. 

Another thing that people typically forget when playing with Doomfist is the hero’s usefulness against shields. Unlike heroes like Widow and Soldier, who can’t do much against double shields, the fact that most of Doomfists’ abilities are in melee range allows him to be incredibly useful against these setups. That’s one of the reasons why the hero becomes much more prevalent when the shield meta is on.

Doomfist’s ultimate can buy him enough time 

Some ultimates in the game are better than others, and Meteor Strike is one of them. This is an ability that can deal between 15 and 300 damage, depending on where you hit your target. When used, the hero leaps into the sky and has four seconds to decide where he wants to land. Upon landing, he will deal AoE damage to everything that is near him. With that being said, this ability has a one-second casting time, which means landing it is not as easy as it seems.

The good thing about the Meteor Strike is that Doomfist becomes Invincible during that time. Hence, many people use it to save themselves from danger or when they want to wait for the cooldowns. The latter might not seem like a good idea at first, but this hero needs his abilities in order to be successful. 

When used, Meteor Strike will recharge Doomfists’a abilities twice as fast. Sadly, his opponents can see the circle where he will land, which means that they can dodge the ability as long as they are fast.

Keep in mind that Doomfist has many counters

The fact that the hero deals a lot of damage and is highly mobile doesn't mean he is immortal. There are a couple of heroes in Overwatch that he suffers against because they can kill him fast or disable him. 

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One of the first names that come to mind is Sombra. Even though this is not the most hero among higher-rated games, Sombra can be difficult to play against with Doomfist because she can “hack” him. Once that happens, Doomfist won’t be able to use his abilities, which will make him a sitting duck.

McCree is another hero that usually does surprisingly well against Doomnfirst. Even though Cassidy can die from Doom’s combo, his Flashbang can be enough to score a kill. That’s one of the reasons why most Doomfists will always try to kill this hero before anyone else.

Apart from Sombra and McCree, we also have to mention Widow. The sniper counters most heroes in the game because she can kill them from miles away. This also applies to Doomfirst. Despite the fact that he is very mobile, a good Widow player should be able to land a headshot, which will be enough to score a kill.

Regardless of your teammates, also try to combo


Some heroes in Overwatch are great on their own, and Doomfist is undoubtedly one of them. However, he can do even more when he gets the chance to combine his skills with other heroes. 

Many amazing ultimates, stuns, and other disables can help Doomfist deal significantly more damage. Due to his abilities’ short cooldown, he can easily kill a couple of heroes at once. 

There are loads of examples of heroes whose ultimates work well in conjunction with Doomfists, so it all comes down to the situation, map, and the heroes you have to play against.

Doonfists combo is hard but worth mastering


Unlike most heroes in the Overwatch who have basic abilities, Doomfist offers unique spells that work differently, depending on the situation. For better or worse, they are not as easy to use, which means players have to spend some time until they learn how they work.

Once that happens, it is advisable to change your rotation from time to time because your opponents will learn how to counter it. In other words, instead of using your Slam, followed by an Uppercut and Punch, you can change the abilities’ order.

Overwatch: Doomfist Guide, Bringing Your Doom
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