Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023 Overview

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Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023 Overview

Let’s learn some details about the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023. Click to read additional info about what you can expect. 

Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023 

September and October is the time of the year when students have to go back to school. It is definitely not everyone’s favorite time, but thanks to the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023, you can now have fun with your friends.

College students in the USA and Canada have the option to register for the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023. The latter will be a tournament that Blizzard specially organizes for college students who want to put their luck to the test. 

The bad news about the event is that people who haven’t signed up yet missed out on it because the last registration was on Monday, September 4. With that said, the tournament started a few days after that, and it is supposed to end on October 23.

Player Eligibility and Team Requirements

As mentioned, the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming is a special tournament that is only available to students enrolled in a college or university in Canada or the USA. They need to be a part of the specific institution during the tournament.

If this requirement is met, another thing to keep in mind is that the tournament it self will be held on all popular gaming options. This includes PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S/X. Of course, players need to have a Battlenet account. It is also worth knowing that console players will need to switch to PC if they reach the final stages of the event.

In terms of the team requirements, Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming will have five core players and five alternatives. Teams will be able to make changes to their rosters during the first four rounds, but there will be a roster lock deadline that teams need to be familiar with.
Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming Format and Match Details
This “league” has 3 stages and a Grand Final. The first stage is in a Swiss format, followed by a Single Elimination Stage 2 and a Double Elimination Stage 3. As for the Grand Finals, the first team to reach 4 wins will win the event.
In terms of the maps that players will play on, the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming includes Hybrid, Control, Flashpoint, Push, and Escort. 


The interesting thing about the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023 is that it has more than 2720 attendees. There are a few days left until the tournament is over, so maker sure to check who’s going to win. Do not forget that Season 7 of Overwatch 2 is here, so check the Battle Pass before it's over if you want to get some of the best items possible.

Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming 2023 Overview
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