Overwatch Characters Part 3: Backstories and Abilities

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Overwatch Characters Part 3: Backstories and Abilities

Overwatch has experienced tremendous success since it first hit the market. One of the elements that contributed to players like the Blizzard game immediately was the variety of characters. In reality, there is a full cast of Overwatch characters, each with a distinctive narrative and set of abilities. As a result, in order for you to learn more about each one, we will provide you a general summary of them in this post.

Overwatch Support characters

There are 38 characters in Overwatch, and each of them stands out greatly from the others. In addition to their backgrounds and abilities, they are further divided into the three categories of Tank, Damage, and Support. This article will give you an introduction to Overwatch Support characters, whose job it is to strengthen their friends by healing, shielding, increasing damage, and incapacitating enemies. These Overwatch characters were created with players who enjoy helping others and supporting their teammates in mind.


Ana is one of the founding members of Overwatch. After the Omnic Crisis, in fact, Egypt was not in a prosperous situation and there was the need to hire professional snipers. Ana was considered one of the best in her role and because of this she was enlisted to set up the Overwatch Strike Team which was tasked with ending the war. Ana served the cause of Overwatch for many years and, although she held a high rank, she did not disdain taking to the field for actual combat, at least until she was believed to be dead.

However, she wasn't like that. Ana was not dead, even though she was seriously injured, she took some time to recover and heal. However, Ana knew that this was not her life and that she felt no emotion whatsoever in standing on the sidelines and watching. For this reason, Ana resumed her activities to monitor the situation worldwide and, after Winston's call, decided to help her companions from her shadows.


  • Biotic rifle: long-range rifle that heals allies and damages enemies
  • Sleep dart: fires a dart that puts an enemy to sleep
  • Biotic grenade: hurls a grenade that damages foes and hinders healing while hurting allies and increasing their healing
  • Nano boost: increases an ally's damage, while reducing damage taken

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Like many, Jean-Baptiste Augustin was also one of the children orphaned by the Omnic Crisis. With few bright prospects for the future, the wisest decision to make was to join the army. Once he joined the Caribbean Coalition, he decided to take on the role of a combat medic, so he could help people who were in trouble. However, once his mission was completed, Baptiste had difficulty finding a task suited to his abilities and so decided to join Talon.

The missions he was entrusted with were simple but well-paid, which allowed him to save money to build a hospital in his city. However, as time passed, the demands became increasingly brutal, to the point of including murder. At that point, Baptiste decided to leave Talon and continue his journey alone. Obviously, Talon was not happy with this decision and sent several henchmen to kill Baptiste.

Baptiste spent many years fleeing from Talon, until he returned to his hometown. There, after witnessing Winston's recall, he decided to take part in the new Overwatch and continue with his mission of saving people. In this way, therefore, Baptiste had the opportunity to redeem himself for the bad deeds he committed while working for Talon and help other Overwatch characters.


  • Biotic launcher: three-round burst gun or lob a healing projectile that heals all allies near the impact
  • Regenerative burst: use to instantly heal you and your nearby allies and to receive ongoing healing. When a target's health is less than half, instant healing is increased.
  • Immorality field: toss a device that prevents allies from dying
  • Amplification matrix: project a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of allied projectiles
  • Exo boots: hold crouch to jump higher

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Brigitte is Torbjorn's youngest daughter and also the first to take an interest in her father's profession. For this reason, Brigitte spent much of her time in her father's laboratory to learn and improve her skills, but, unlike him, Brigitte was more interested in creating defense systems rather than weapons. Everyone thought she was following in her father's footsteps, but her plans changed when she met Reinhardt, a friend of her father. At that point, Brigitte and Reinhardt formed a squire duo to try to save the world.

With this new role, Brigitte had many responsibilities, and not only to safeguard Reinhardt's armor, but also to pay attention to him himself. After a battle in Europe in which Reinhardt risked losing, Brigitte understood that he couldn't do much just as a mechanic and that therefore it was time to become a warrior too and help other Overwatch characters. For this reason, she decided to respond to the Overwatch recall to protect Paris from Null Sector.


  • Rocket flail: melee weapon with extended range
  • Repair pack: heals an ally for a short duration
  • Whip shot: launch your flail forward to knock an enemy away from you
  • Barrier shield: deploy a frontal energy barrier
  • Shield bash: dash forward to knock back an enemy
  • Rally: gain armor, empower barrier shield, and provide extra health to nearby allies
  • Inspire: dealing damage to enemies heals nearby allies

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Illari began training to become an Inti Warrior at an early age and already showed enormous potential at that age. Even her trainers thought that she could become the strongest warrior than her and, one day, her efforts and sacrifices in dedicating all the time to training her paid off, as she actually became the youngest to take part of the Inti Warriors.

In order to effectively take part in this order of warriors, all new followers had to undergo a ceremony in which they had to be indued with solar threading. However, Illari's power was so strong that no one would have expected that her ceremony would release such a large amount of solar energy that it destroyed the entire chamber. After this tragedy, Illari decided to isolate herself and refuse any approach to other people. Over time, she did nothing but ruminate on what happened, trying to understand if things could have been different if she hadn't wanted all that power.


  • Solar rifle: long-range auto-charging rifle or medium-range healing beam that consumes solar energy
  • Captive sun: fire a solar energy ball that explodes. Hit enemies take considerable damage, slow down, then explode
  • Healing pylon: deploy a pylon that heals allies
  • Outburst: launches you in the direction you are moving, knocking back enemies

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Kiriko, since she was a child, has had to deal with very important figures. From an early age, in fact, she spent time training at her grandmother's temple learning the connection with the spirit of the fox, just as she learned notions from her father, bladesmith for the Shinada, and from her mother, their swordmaster. For this reason, Kiriko grew up and trained with Genji and Hanzo, having a particularly close bond with Genji in particular.

After the death of the head of her clan, Hashimoto, the one who murdered Sojiro Shinada, decided to kidnap Kiriko's father to force him to provide him with weapons for her clan. To protect Kiriko from her, her father sent her to her grandmother and had her name changed to Kamori. After her grandmother's death, however, Kiriko decided to avenge her family and clan and thus promised to restore peace to her city. It is at this point that she joined a group called Yokai who wanted the end of Hashimoto, just like Kiriko herself. Despite the attacks made against Hashimoto, however, the group never managed to overthrow the clan leader.


  • Healing ofuda: channel a burst of healing talismans that can seek targeted allies
  • Kunai: thrown projectile that deals increased critical damage
  • Swift step: teleport directly to an ally
  • Protection suzu: to temporarily render allies immune to all damage and remove the majority of bad effects, cast a protective charm
  • Kitsune rush: activate a fox spirit to send it flying, speeding up its own movement, attacks, and cooldowns as well as those of any allies it encounters

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Niran PruksaManee, Lifeweaver's real name, was the middle child of a pair of parents who had high expectations for their children. However, from an early age, Niran refused to do what his parents dictated to him and decided to spend his time gardening. Even when it came to his education, Niran refused to compromise with his parents, despite demonstrating great intelligence. For this reason, his parents decided to send him to Vishkar Architech Academy.

At the academy, he became friends with Satya Vaswani, later known as Symmatra. As he grew older, he used school breaks and his parents' financial resources to travel. However, he was struck by the state in which some areas of the world lived and was convinced that he had to help others. At this point, he started his own project using his parents' money and the skills he acquired while studying. He then created biolight, a technology that was based on the hard light used by the academy, but it was at that juncture that the problems began.

Since Vishkar decides to put a spanner in his works and claim Niran's discovery as his own, he decided to abandon the academy, which was not taken kindly by his parents who decided to cut all ties with him. At this point, alone and wanted, Niran headed to the Atlantic Arcology so he could continue his mission of helping people.


  • Healing blossom: hold to charge a healing burst or release to heal a targeted ally
  • Thorn volley: rapidly fire a spread of projectiles
  • Petal platform: throw a platform that springs upwards when stepped on
  • Rejuvenating dash: dash towards your traveling direction and lightly heal yourself
  • Life grip: pull an ally to your location, protecting them as they travel
  • Tree of life: the planting of a tree that quickly heals friends upon blooming and provides ongoing healing

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Lucio Correia dos Santos was born in a favela in Rio de Janeiro that was hit hard by the Omnic Crisis. Lucio began to feel the need to help people and found his answer in music which allowed him to forget his problems, at least for a while. However, his community faced another threat when the Vishkar Corporation made an agreement to redevelop large tracts of the city.

What was promised never became reality and Vishkar imposed a kind of tyranny on the locals. Lucio decided to do something and not sit idle and so he used the technology that he and his father developed for the organization. This allowed the organization to take steps backwards and Lucio became increasingly popular so much so that his music went beyond the borders of the country and he became famous internationally.

Among his fans was Efi Oladele, an eleven-year-old girl whom Lucio helped when Doomfist decided to attack Numbani. Lucio, in fact, gave the girl a special object that allowed her to complete her robot and decided to perform to kick off a fundraiser to rebuild everything that had been destroyed after Talon's attack. Furthermore, he also decided to help other Overwatch characters complete their missions.


  • Sonic amplifier: sonic projectile launcher
  • Crossfade: alternating between two tunes. Allies close by are given a healing boost, and allies close by are given a speed boost.
  • Amp it up: increase the effectiveness of your current song
  • Soundwave: make a short-range blast wave to scare away adversaries
  • Sound barrier: create a temporary extra health for nearby allies
  • Wall ride: jump onto a wall to ride along it

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Ziegler, Mercy's real name, is a longtime friend of Torbjorn who had shown interest and talent in the nanotechnology leader from an early age. Thanks to her experience, Overwatch decided to hire her as one of its members. In fact, Ziegler took part in the Overwatch corps that was responsible for treating the wounded. However, despite this, there were times when Ziegler was not on good terms with her superiors, and after the fall of Overwatch, she decided to distance herself from that world and continue on her path.

When the Overwatch Recall occurred, Mercy initially did not want to return to provide her services for the organization, but Talon's attack on Cairo saw her forced to accept the proposal and help the other Overwatch characters restore order and peace. Furthermore, there was also another looming menace: the attack by Null Sector on Paris. For this reason, Mercy decided to remain in Overwatch and help other Overwatch characters.


  • Caduceus staff: heal an ally or increase an ally's damage inflicted
  • Caduceus blaster: automatic weapon
  • Guardian angel: fly in the direction of an ally. Jump launches you forward while crouch launches you up when you're in flight
  • Resurrect: revive a dead teammate
  • Angelic descent: fall very slow
  • Valkyrie: gain the ability to fly

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Moira O'Deorian is one of the most brilliant genetic engineers the world has ever known. Her notoriety skyrocketed when she published a treatise in which she claimed that creating personalized genetic programs could be the key to altering DNA at the cellular level. Although it seemed like a good idea to create treatments to combat certain diseases, many of her colleagues did not agree with this procedure as they considered it too dangerous. Furthermore, many tried to recreate what Moira had done and failed, which put her studies even more into question. All this, therefore, instead of definitively launching her career, did nothing but ruin her reputation.

However, Overwatch decided to proposition her by having her take part in Blackwatch. In this way, Moira was able to continue her work in the shadows, while she built new weapons for the organization. Her collaboration with Overwatch remained secret until the Venice incident, at which point the organization's leaders turned their back on her and claimed they had no connection to her whatsoever.

After this tragic end with Overwatch, Moira had to look for other ways to finance her studies and therefore joined Talon. Although her involvement with Talon was secret, Moira nevertheless continued to appear in the scientific community to showcase her discoveries and the advancements she was making. As a result, thanks to her hard work, she became the Minister of Genetics for the city of Oasis.


  • Biotic grasp: heal all allies in front of you or long-range beam weapon
  • Biotic orb: send a bouncing sphere into the air that either heals nearby allies or harms nearby opponents.
  • Fade: disappear, move faster, and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot
  • Coalescence: discharge a beam that harms adversaries and heals allies

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After the Omnic Crisis, the robotic monks living in Shimbala Monastery decided to leave their programmed lives. After years and years of meditation, they came to understand that they were more than just artificial intelligences and that they possessed a soul, just like humans. For this reason, the monks, led by Tekhartha Mondatta, decided to heal the wounds that were caused by the Omnic Crisis in order to allow robots and humans to live in harmony again.

Their message transcended the confines of the monastery and they became international celebrities, ready to welcome any lost soul. Zenyatta was one of these souls who decided to embrace their doctrine after meeting the monk Ramattra. After spending time at the monastery, Zenyatta was able to help another lost soul, namely Genji. However, once Genji left the monastery and took his path, Zenyatta realized that the monastery's resources and path were limited.

For this reason, Zenyatta decided to leave on his own adventure and spread the word about him around the world. In fact, according to him, we needed to do more and be in close contact with humans to restore the previous relationship. On one of his journeys, he met Symattra who decided to open his mind to the teachings of Zenyatta who had gone there to pray for the death of his mentor, but the destruction of the state of Aurora by the Vishkar Corporation changed his plans. he.


  • Orb of destruction: energy projectile weapon or charge to release more projectiles
  • Orb of discord: to boost the amount of damage an enemy takes, hurl this ball towards them
  • Orb of harmony: launch this orb at an ally to heal them
  • Transcendence: become invulnerable, move faster, and heal nearby allies
  • Snap kick: quick melee damage is now 50% more damaging, and it now has much more knockback

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Overwatch Characters Part 3: Backstories and Abilities
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