Overwatch: Champions to Avoid in Diamond

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Overwatch: Champions to Avoid in Diamond

When it comes to ranking in Overwatch, not all heroes are made equal. In our Champions to Avoid in Diamond guide, we'll look at a few worth avoiding.

Despite not being the most popular esports in the last couple of years, Overwatch has many active players. According to some sources, the game has more than 5 million active players each month, which is excellent compared to many other titles.

Even though most players who play ranked games are in the Bronze or Silver bracket, some of them are better and advance to the next “levels”. One of them is called Diamond and it is the last step before you can go to “Master”. 

Reaching the Diamond bracket is not easy and takes a lot of time, but escaping from it is even more complicated. People who want to reach the final two levels in Overwatch need to know what they’re doing. Of course, they also need to pick the right heroes because this is the only way to win games.

We want to make sure that our readers reach their desired rank in Overwatch as fast as possible. Therefore, we will share some information about the heroes you should avoid using if you’ve reached the Diamond bracket.


The first name may come as a surprise to some of you because Cassidy is one of the best among the higher-tier players. Due to his insane damage and ultimate that can easily wipe the entire team, this hero is extremely popular. 

Sadly, it seems like most people in the Diamond bracket can’t utilize his full potential. Thanks to Overbuff, we know that Cassidy only has a 48.02% win rating, which makes him the least successful hero.

One of the reasons why Cassidy’s low win rating is that he is not the meta hero right now. At the time of writing this review, most people focus on other heroes, such as Solider, Ashe, Genji, and Doomfist. This doesn’t mean that McCree is not worth it, but you just have to be more careful when you decide to pick him.


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We didn’t expect to find support in the second sport on our list, but it turns out Brigitte only has a 48.16% win rating. The fact that the hero is not as good as it once was probably won’t surprise some of you.

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Blizzard nerfed her a lot since she was introduced to the game because she was just too strong. She used to be the go-to support for pretty much every combo, especially the “death ball”. However, since some teams focus on flanking, the hero is just not as good as before.

It will be intriguing to see if Brigitte will bounce back in popularity once Overwatch 2 becomes available. The game has a lot of changes, which means that she might become a viable option once more.


Despite being one of the best heroes in the Master and Grandmaster brackets, Tracer is not that successful here. This may not surprise some players because Tracer is hard to master and requires a lot of skills. 

Interestingly, the hero has a 49.49% win rating, which is not that bad overall, but it is not good compared to other DPS that have a similar role. For example, Genji has around a 53% win rating and his job also includes flanking and killing fragile healers.

An important thing that affects Traver’s win rating is other heroes' popularity. If we look at the other data, we can see that heroes like Pharah and Torb are superb right now. Needless to say, both of them are great against heroes like Tracer because they can kill her in seconds.



This is probably one of the least popular heroes in Overwatch in pretty much every bracket. Even though she can become invisible and hunt the opponents’ support, Sombra is always one of the least picked heroes in the game. 

With that being said, she has a 50.36% win rate, which makes her slightly better than Tracer. The two heroes have an almost identical role and playstyle because they rely on killing weaker heroes. Furthermore, both depend on their cooldowns to survive.

The big difference between the two is Sombra’s ability to shut down certain heroes from the game. Many players underestimate her hack and ult, but they can be devastating against many famous heroes now, such as Doomfist.

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Wrecking Ball

After including a couple of DPS and one support, it is time to mention the first tank on our list. Some of you may be surprised that Wrecking Ball is here, but those with more experience probably expected it.

Although Diamond is a pretty high bracket in Overwatch, not everyone there knows how to use Wrecking Ball’s potential. Sigma is also a potent and skill-dependent tank, but this one is on another level. Learning how to master Wrecking Ball takes time, and not everyone can do it.

Wrecking Ball’s win rating sits at 50.41%, which is not bad, but it is lower than every other tank in the game. The closest hero to his role is Orisa.


Baptiste is one of the situational supports in Overwatch that can be excellent in some situations. He is one of the few AoE healers in the game, which means he shines when his team is grouped up. As mentioned, most players in this bracket prefer to focus on flanking, which is why Baptiste’s popularity is not as high as you might think.

Although the hero has a 2.77% pick rate, he only has a 50.68% win rating. This makes him the second-worst support in the bracket. Unsurprisingly, the next name on the list is Moira. Even though she is not that picked, her win rating is slightly higher, probably because of her damage capabilities.



We’ve already mentioned earlier that Orisa is the second-worst tank you can get in this bracket if we use the win rate as a reference. Orisa is one of the meta tanks, which means it is only good if the meta allows it. Unfortunately, this is not the best time to get the hero, so it is no surprise that the pick rate is only 0.80%.

Orisa works best as the main tank and is usually good for defending certain points. This hero can be used alongside names like Bastion, Torb, and Symmetra. Sadly, the current meta favors other tanks because they are just better. This includes Reinhardt, Zarya, and Roadhog.

Overwatch: Champions to Avoid in Diamond
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