Investors Bullish on Overwatch League

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Investors Bullish on Overwatch League

The worldwide esports industry is ablaze as a few financial specialists are getting bullish on the business.

“No question this is changing the landscape for media companies and how people are participating in sports,” Tim Seymour, co-founder and managing partner at Triogem Asset Management, a hedge fund, said on “Fast Money” Monday.

A week ago, the Overwatch League's Grand Finals sold out at New York's Barclays Center. Seymour indicated the investment of expansive scale media organizations as confirmation of a developing industry: Overwatch was broadcast on prime-time ESPN

“The fan base is rabid,” said Seymour, who is also a CNBC contributor. “The excitement is there. And it's all demographics. It's not just guys. It's not just girls. It's not just young folks. It's old folks.”

Truth be told, the computer game industry is blasting with more items and competitions flying up far and wide. As per a 2018 esports report by Newzoo, a statistical surveying firm, around 2.3 billion gamers worldwide will spend about $137.9 billion on video games this year.

That figure speak to an expansion of $16.2 billion. The statistical surveying firm tracks utilization and patterns in esports and video games.

“Esports, what makes it so special is that it is a global thing. You can compete anywhere,” says Alex Mendez.

We have already seen two new Overwatch teams join Activision/Blizzard's league for season 2.

Overwatch Season 2 is going to be exciting!

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