Overwatch 2: Brigitte Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2: Brigitte Hero Guide

We go through Brigitte's rework in this hero guide for Overwatch 2!

The role of every support hero in Overwatch is to help DPS and Tanks. Some of them deal good damage, but their main job is to help their allies. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most supports do not have a lot of defensive abilities and can die pretty fast. That's where this Overwatch Brigitte Guide comes in.

Fortunately, there are some exceptions, and one of them is Brigitte. It is safe to say that this is among the most annoying support hero in the game. What’s more, Brigitte is one of the few heroes in this position that can deal severe damage to her opponents.

Due to the fact she has a shield and works well in most setups, Brigitte is often one of the top picks. However, some players are yet to learn more about her and what she’s capable of. Therefore, this Overwatch Brigitte Guide will point out all the needed information.

Hero Overview

As mentioned, Brigitte is a support, which means she is not as tanky as other heroes. In fact, her base HP is just 150, which makes it one of the weakest supports in the game. The good thing is that she also has 50 armor, which allows her to have a total of 200 HP. This is the standard for most support and DPS heroes in the game.

Unlike other supports in Overwatch 2, Brigitte can’t just stay and heal her opponents. Even though the hero has the ability to do that, it won’t be enough because her heals are not strong enough. Therefore, she needs to play an active role. She can do that by dealing damage and providing armor.

Brigitte's Abilities

Brigitte has one of the most interesting arsenals of abilities that she can use against her opponents. The first one is called Inspire, and it is a passive ability that heals her and her allies within a 20 meters radius 15 HP per second. This ability has a six seconds duration and a 1-second cooldown.

Interestingly, this passive ability becomes available once Brigitte strikes an enemy. In other words, it can be used with things like Rocket Flail and Whip Shot. However, it does not work if you use Shield Bash.

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Rocket Flail

Brigitte’s main damage-dealing ability is her auto-attack. It has a 6 meters range and deals 35 damage per swing. What’s more, the rate of fire is 1 swing per 0.6 seconds, and it has an initial casting time of 0.2seconds per swing. 

Despite not being the most dangerous weapon in the game, the Rocket Flail allows her to hit multiple enemies. This makes it similar to Reinhardt’s primary attack mode.

Repair Pack

The second ability that makes Brigitte one of the preferred options for many players is her Repair Pack. When used, it will heal an ally for 125 HP over 2 seconds. This ability has 3 charges and has a 6 seconds cooldown per charge. If you decide to use this ability on a single target, the healing duration will increase by 2 seconds. 

Whip Shot

This ability allows Brigitte to deal 70 damage and reduce a given target’s movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. The hero throws her flail at a maximum range of 20 meters when used. Once it hits someone, it will knock back the target.

The knockback effect allows Brigitte to use her ability to kill people who are near a cliff. With that being said, there is a 0.2s casting time, so some people might be able to dodge it.

Barrier Shield

This ability makes Brigitte unique because she is the only support in the game with a shield, similar to the available tanks. Even though it only has 250 HP, this shield can save the hero in many situations.

Once Brigitte decides to use her shield, she will have a 30% movement speed penalty. If the shield is destroyed, it goes on a 5 seconds cooldown.

Keep in mind that this shield won’t be able to save your allies unless you are in front of them. It only “covers” Brigitte herself (even though it ts orientation can be changed).

Shield Bash

Brigitte is the only hero in Overwatch 2 that can use her shield offensively when needed. This is possible thanks to her ability to Shield Bash, which deals 5 damage. Once the hero uses it, she will dash forward and stun an enemy for 0.75 seconds. During that time, Brigitte has a 470% movement speed buff.

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Besides the stun and the damage, Shield Bas also knocks back the given target. However, it can’t go through barriers.

Overwatch heroes Tracer and Brigitte round a corner in-game wearing the London Spitfire skins.


Lastly, we have her reworked ultimate called Rally. Once Brigitte uses it, she will get a 15% movement speed buff and restore 15 overhealth to herself and her allies per 0.5 seconds for up to 100 armor. 

Brigitte's Rally has gotten a major upgrade in Season 4. Whenever the stalwart squire's ultimate ability is active, her barrier widens in size. Not only that, but her shield bash becomes empowered, stunning multiple enemies like in the good old days of the stun meta.

This ultimate lasts for 10 seconds, whereas the additional overheal will be available for 30 seconds. Keep in mind that there is a 0.7s period after activating the ultimate when the hero can’t use anything else other than her Barrier Shield.

One of the most important things players need to remember about their ultimate is that they should use it before the big fight. Some people save it so that they can have it on once they get stunned or the enemy starts pushing them. Even though the ult might work in these scenarios, it is way more efficient if used before a given fight. This will make Brigitte and her teammates tankier.

Brigitte Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that Brigitte is one of the hardest supports to kill in the game, she is not immortal. Many people think that her knockback effects and shield make her almost impossible to kill. Hence, they take 1v1 fights that they can’t win.

Brigitte’s job is to support her team by providing passive healing and armor as often as possible. She has to use her knockback abilities to prevent aggressive pushes from her opponents. The good thing is that she has Shield Bash, which allows her to close a gap when needed. It can also be used to escape from danger.

Speaking of shields, we have to point out that Brigitte can easily block multiple abilities. However, some of them will require the hero to stay on the ground, so jumping all the time is probably not the best thing you can do.

Overwatch 2: Brigitte Hero Guide
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