Overwatch: Bastion Guide, Things You Need to Know About

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Overwatch: Bastion Guide, Things You Need to Know About

Some heroes deal more damage in Overwatch than others, and Bastion is definitely one of them.

Depending on the situation, this hero is notorious is known for doing the highest damage in the game. Of course, this comes at a cost, which in Bastion’s case is his mobility. That’s the reason the hero can only be used in specific situations.

Although the hero is not as mobile as many of his counterparts, he can be a good option once you start playing competitively. Of course, there are many small tips and tricks you should know about him, so let’s summarize them in this article.

The tanky DPS


Despite the fact that Bastion is not the best hero among higher-ranked players, he does really well in the lower-tier brackets. Besides his amazing damage, Bastion is also notorious for being significantly tankier compared to other DPS heroes in the game. He has more HP, and the ability to heal himself, which is something that others lack.

Another thing to consider when talking about his tankiness is that he is often paired with some shields. The classic Rein + Bastion combo can do wonders in many situations, especially if you position yourself near a choke point. The Configuration: Sentry allows the hero to be rip through his opponents like a knife through butter.

Hide that hitbox 

One of the several problems of using Bastion is that the hero has a massive hitbox. Compared to things like Trace and Widow, hitting bastion is much easier than landing a headshot on the two mentioned above. That’s one of the reasons why Bastion is really hard to play against Hanzo, Reaper, and heroes other DPS.

With that being said, some maps allow the hero to become way harder to kill. Thanks to things like rocks and other objects on the map, you can hide next to them and use your Sentry configuration. This allows you to hide your hitbox, which should make it much harder to kill.

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With that being said, hiding your body means that you are more likely to receive a headshot. That’s why you need to be careful and switch your position as much as possible. Always try to communicate with your teammates because this will make your life much easier. 

You need to prioritize your targets

One of the important decisions that DPS heroes need to make while playing is related to the targets they choose. Some heroes are better at killing weaker opponents, whereas others shine against tanks. 

Bastion falls somewhere in the middle because the hero can work well against both types of heroes. However, the only way to maximize his efficiency is to decide the right target at the right moment. Sadly, this is easier said than done.

There are some cases where focusing a tank with Bastion is great because you can break the shield in seconds. However, there are situations where you have to kill other heroes, such as healers or some of the more elusive DPS. With that being said, don’t waste too much time trying to bring someone down because you will lose a lot of damage. Keep changing targets and go back to your primary one once it is in a good position.

Harness your inner tank


Bastion’s ultimate allows them to turn into a tank that deals significantly more damage. What’s even more impressive is that his shots also deal splash damage, which allows him to clear enemies that are staked close to each other.

 Besides making him one of the most dangerous heroes in the game, Bastion’s Tank also makes the hero “immune” to headshots. This makes him better in cases where he has to face heroes like Widow because she mainly relies on headshots to kill her opponents.

Although it doesn’t seem that useful, some people use Tank to go to places that Bastion can’t reach. Since this is not the most mobile hero in the game, there are many places around the maps where the hero can’t go to. However, thanks to Tank and its pushing capabilities, you can fire on the ground while looking at it, and this will make you “jump”. As you can probably guess, this requires some practice because you can easily fail your jump and waste your ultimate. 

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The heroes that can make your life hard


Every hero in Overwatch has at least a couple of counters, and Bastion is not an exception. Despite the fact that the powerful DPS works in many situations, there are some names you should be aware of.  One of them is Echo, a DPS that counters you.

A good Echo player can easily kill you in seconds, and there is little to nothing you can do about it. You just have to rely on mistakes from her, but most people who pick this hero know how to utilize it.

Another hero that can make your life difficult is Ashe. Like other snipers, she can shoot you from miles away, which makes her deadly. However, the thing that differentiates the hero from her alternatives is Bob. Her ultimate can kill you really easily, so you need to do everything to stop it. Ideally, you should be in a position where you will be able to spray it down in no time.

Speaking of snipers, we have to mention Hanzo because his Storm Arrows are usually more than enough to kill you. Since you will be using your stationary position most of the time, you will have problems. It is hard to survive against this hero if you have no shields. However, positioning yourself in a way that forces enemies to go out of their way to get you. By doing this, you will have a lead in the direct clash because you can kill him relatively easily.

Overwatch: Bastion Guide, Things You Need to Know About
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