Overwatch: Basic Guide on How To Use Symmetra

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Overwatch: Basic Guide on How To Use Symmetra

Some heroes in Overwatch are known for their speed, whereas others are popular for being hard to master. With that being said, Symmetra is a hero that is notorious for being really annoying, especially on maps like Blizzard World and Hollywood. Find out how to master her in our Overwatch Symmetra Guide.

Symmetra is a little different when it comes down to the way you play. Some people are not aware of the hero’s specifics, which is why they often think that she is not as good as others. Needless to say, this is not the case because Symmetra offers unique abilities that can make her one of the best heroes when defending a point. 

Let’s go over some of the most important things about the hero and everything that makes it special.

Symmetra is a versatile hero


One of the things that set Symmetra apart from other DPS heroes is her utility. Aside from being deadly in close-range combats, the hero has the power to help her team in multiple situations.

Besides the Sentry Turrets that can be a nightmare to kill, the hero’s Teleporter can be used in a variety of ways. Some people put it randomly, whereas others use it during a fight so that Symmetra’s teammates can escape from danger. This ability can also be used to avoid certain locations on the map. For example, high-level players often use the spell to void a spot held by Bastion.

Symmetra’s primary source of damage

Like any other hero, this one’s primary source of damage is her left and right mouse clicks. Her weapon, Photon Projector, can be used in short or long-range combat. Players who choose the first option have to press the left mouse click, allowing the hero to deal up to 180 damage. Of course, this takes some time because the weapon needs to reach its “third stage”.

On the other hand, those who have to participate in long-range combat need to use the right-click. This will fire a projectile whose direct damage will deal up to 120 damage if it is fully charged. Interestingly, the Photon Projector can also deal up to 60 splash damage. Speaking of charging the weapon, Symmetra requires one second to do that.

One of the things about using Symmetra’s left click is that you will regain ammo if you are attacking a shield. You can also charge the shield while using your weapon on Mei’s Icewall and a couple of other abilities.

The information mentioned above means that the hero is good against opponents who have shields. However, once those things are no longer available, she has to be more careful because she may run out of ammo really fast.

The turrets


After sharing some information about the hero’s left and right-click damage capabilities, it is time to address the elephant in the room – the turrets. These small and annoying thingies can be a game-changer because of their damage. Even though many people underestimate them, the Sentry Turret deals 40 damage per second. What’s more, it slows down the enemy’s movement speed by 20%. As if that’s not enough, Symmetra has three of them.

The usage of your Sentry Turrets depends on a variety of factors. Some people like to use them offensively in places that can slow down the enemy’s tank. However, you can often see pro OW players use their turrets defensively. After placing them, Symmetra’s supports typically stay close to them because those things help them against flankers.

Sometimes, the turrets can be stacked on top of each other. This allows you to kill a target faster, but it also means that the turrets can die in seconds. Sadly, each turret will be stroyed after a single attack from any hero.

Due to the fact that the Sentry Turrets can die quickly, you should try to switch their position as frequently as possible. This will keep your opponents busy because they will have to check where you’ve placed them.

The Teleporter


Although many things make the hero special, this is undoubtedly the ability that makes Symmetra one of the most interesting and unique heroes in the game. The teleporter can be used in various ways, and it can do wonders in many situations. Besides using it for yourself, you can help your entire team escape from some bad chokepoints. Of course, this requires some teammate coordination, which means it will be hard to take advantage of it unless your allies know what they’re doing.

The ability itself has 50 HP and 250 shields. It also has a 30 HP regen after avoiding damage for 30 seconds. The maximum range is 40 meters, and the casting time is 2 seconds. Once up, you and your teammates can use it to go to a specific location.

Interestingly, Symmetra and other heroes can use the Teleporter for Turrets, Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, and other abilities. Some people take advantage of McCree’s Deadeye and even D.Va’s bomb.

Photon Barrier


Finally, we have Symmetra’s ultimate, which is called Photon Barrier. Unlike most other DPS heroes in the game, this ability does not do any damage. In fact, it summons a shield that affects the entire map and lasts for 12 seconds. The barrier has 4000 HP, and it can be placed over everything.

This ability may not seem as exciting as other ultimates in the game, but Symmetra can save her entire team from other deadly ultimates. The shield lasts for 12 seconds, making it the perfect counter to things like Pharah and Soldiers’ ultimates.

Although Symmetra’s ultimate is a giant shield, the hero can use this ability offensively. In order to do that, she has to place it vertically, which allows her and her teammates to jump “in and out” of it, depending on the situation.

If you decide to use your ultimate defensively, be sure to place it properly because your team might end up not doing enough damage just so it can hide behind it. Furthermore, your opponents can always wait for the ultimate to end.

Overwatch: Basic Guide on How To Use Symmetra
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