Overwatch: Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge is Live – All You Need To Know About the New Skin, Twitch Drops, and Sprays

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Overwatch: Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge is Live – All You Need To Know About the New Skin, Twitch Drops, and Sprays

Baptiste Reunion Challenge – All You Need to Know

Yesterday, Blizzard released a mini-event called “Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge,” adding event-exclusive skins, icons, and sprays all relating to Overwatch’s newest character. The event comes with a brand-new Overwatch short story that examines Baptiste’s background in detail.

Combat Medic Skin

First off, it’s pretty easy to unlock the exclusive skin and sprays for Baptiste in this limited-time event. All players have to do is win a certain number of games in Quick Play, Competitive Queue, or Arcade in order to unlock an exclusive player icon (3 total wins),  two new sprays (6 total wins), and the epic skin for Baptiste (9 total wins). Nine total wins is nothing for players who play every day, so don’t be surprised if your queue times are short in all modes. Everyone is going to want this skin!


Overwatch Twitch Drops are Back!

Just like they did last year, Blizzard had brought back Twitch Drops to Overwatch. By watching certain streamers during the event, players will be able to ear. A total of seven new sprays are available, all revolving around Baptiste. Earning these are pretty easy as all players will have to do is link their Blizzard account to their Twitch and watch participating streams for two, four, and six total hours by the end of the event. Check out the sprays below. Additionally, here’s the schedule for streams to watch during the event to be eligible for drops.

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Broadcaster      Spotlight Date / Time             Channel

Seagull                  June 18 (11:00 PDT – 20:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/a_seagull

Delialpi Gaming   June 19 (12:00 PDT – 17:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/delialpi85

Teetawatv             June 20 (07:00 PDT – 13:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/teetawatv3

Marte                    June 21 (09:00 PDT – 14:00 PDT)              twitch.tv/martee_ow

Flowervin             June 22 (04:00 PDT – 08:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/flowervin

Xeraphy               June 23 (03:00 PDT – 07:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/xeraphy1

Tyr0din            June 24 (19:00 PDT – 23:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/tyr0din

NevesThaue       June 25 (15:00 PDT – 19:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/nevesthaue

DeGun                June 26 (09:00 PDT – 14:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/degun

Mirage                June 27 (06:00 PDT – 08:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/mirage720

Baconjack           June 28 (21:00 PDT – 23:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/baconjack0227

Txao               June 29 (03:00 PDT – 07:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/txao

Darwin                June 30 (07:00 PDT – 14:00 PDT)               twitch.tv/darwinstreams

HalieAtisuto       July 1 (11:00 PDT – 20:00 PDT)                   twitch.tv/halieatisuto

Spend at the Blizzard Store, get a Free Baptiste Shirt

Finally, Blizzard has announced a special offer that includes a free Baptiste shirt. When players spend $35 USD or more on select Overwatch merch, they’ll get a free Baptiste shirt with their order. Here’s the list of the select merchandise that will qualify players for a free shirt.

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Free baptiste Shirt

More of this, please!

Overwatch players have been asking Blizzard for more mini-events just like this. With the ability for players to earn free rewards just by doing the things they would normally do, like watching Twitch or playing Overwatch, Blizzard seems to be listening to it’s fans.

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