Overwatch Ashe Guide, It’s Time to Do Something

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Overwatch Ashe Guide, It’s Time to Do Something

Despite not being a part of the “original Overwatch heroes”,  Ashe became a part of the game a couple of years after its release. Some people didn’t like her at first, but her unique abilities make Ashe one of the best DPS heroes.

While it is true that Ashe is not a real “sniper”, she can deal tons of damage from a distance, thanks to her weapon called “The Viper”. This weapon can be useful in certain situations, so let’s learn more about it and how to use Ashe’s full potential.

You need to learn when to use your scope

If we take a look at Widow, we can see that this is a hero that relies on her scope to score kills. She can shoot with her normal attack, but it is nowhere near as effective as the scope. 

Although the same applies to Ashe up to a point, the hero’s standard left-click attack is more potent compared to Widow’s. That’s why it is important to learn when to use your scope.

After several updates, it is almost impossible to kill a DPS if you land a headshot with your scope and use your left click immediately after that. Hence, players must think more while playing because they can’t rely on this technique to get guaranteed kills.

Depending on the distance, using the scope allows you to deal between 22.5 and 75 damage. In other words, it allows you to be more dangerous because you will be able to kill your opponents faster. However, using your right-click will make fire at a much slower pace than usual. This means that you are more likely to die, assuming you miss your shots.

Don’t forget that you are not playing alone, so while in close combat, you can use your left click and kill your opponents because you have teammates. 

You need to manage your ammo

Similar to most heroes in Overwatch, Ashe has to reload in order to deal damage. While other heroes reload much faster, The Viper is a weapon that takes more time to reload. Hence, you need to learn how to manage your ammo because you may deal less DPS in the long run.

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You shouldn’t waste your ammo no matter which hero you play, but this is especially true for Ashe. You need to have at least a few bullets on your hand to finish your targets. So, always pay attention to the target you’re firing at.

The Ash's positioning is key


Every hero in the game needs to have good positioning. This is often the thing that sets apart good and bad Overwatch players because those who know how to position themselves are usually better at the game.

Since Ashe is a DPS, she has to stay somewhere where she can survive and deal damage. The hero’s Dynamite is one of the abilities that can deal a lot of AoE damage if used on multiple targets, but landing a good explosion while you are on the ground is not easy. Hence, most people who play with Ashe prefer to stay near the high ground. This gives them the advantage of using Dynamite through most shields.

Speaking of Dynamite, this is one of the more ticky abilities to use because you need to learn how to shoot at it while it is in the air. Most people throw it and wait until their weapon’s crosshair aligns with Dynamite. This ability is great for killing people who hide behind shields or even different pillars. Moreover, it can do a considerable amount of damage to healers.

Using the high ground to your advantage also means that you can take advantage of your long-range. The Viper can be deadly if you land all shots, so always try to position yourself somewhere where you can make the most of it.

The Coach Gun is amazing


One of the problems that heroes like Hanzo and Widow have to deal with is the fact that they can’t always escape if a hero gets on top of them. Even though they have an escape mechanism, there are cases where they can’t rely on it.

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While it is true that Ashe can’t always rely on her Coach Gun, this is one of the best escape mechanisms in the game. Besides dealing substantial damage, Coach Gun has a knock-back effect that affects Ashe and the hero she’s targeting. As a result, she can always use it and escape from heroes like Winston and Genji.

Some Ashe players use Coach Gun to finish off their opponents. With that being said, this weapon can be used to jump over certain obstacles or even break shields. Of course, the only way to deal damage with it is to be in close range.

Another thing that should be mentioned, the Coach Gun is its ability to detonate Ashe’s Dynamite. This combo can work in certain situations, especially if multiple opponents are next to you. With that being said, most players use The Viper to detonate the Dynamite or simply wait until it explodes.


BOB is incredibly strong if used correctly


Every ultimate in Overwatch is special, and Ashe’s version is definitely not an exception. However, since it is not as flashy as Hanzo’s or Pharah’s ults, many people use it without knowing how to make the most of it.

BOB is an “NPC” that runs at your desired location, knocks enemies, and then starts shooting at them. He has 1200 HP and stays for 10 seconds after colliding with Ashe’s opponents.

BOB can deal a considerable amount of damage, and he is great against specific targets. This is especially true against those with weak shields. That being said, the ult has to be used in situations where there are no heroes who can stop it. Besides putting BOB to sleep, heroes can hook him or even kill him really easily.

Once you learn how to use BOB properly, you can even use the knock effect to your advantage and shoot your targets while they are in the air.

Overwatch Ashe Guide, It’s Time to Do Something
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