Overwatch 2 Weekly Challenge Guide For Season 6

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Overwatch 2 Weekly Challenge Guide For Season 6

A look at this week of the Overwatch 2 weekly challenges for Season 6.

Overwatch 2 changed the game when it came to progression. Out went loot boxes and levels, and a Battle Pass and challenges came. These come in a few forms, from the daily and weekly challenges to the harder Seasonal and Competitive ones. 

This article will focus on those juicy weekly challenges. The ones that always feel like you have enough time to complete until the day before they reset, and you still need 10 more Team Kills. Also, the Weekly Challenges are (currently) our only source of those pesky coins (here's a guide on that).

So, with the Battle Pass being free to everyone, we must maximize our points and climb those ranks as soon as possible to unlock all those lovely skins.

Below are all the types of challenges you can do to earn XP; we've also written a handy guide if you need more information:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Season
  • Competitive
  • Lifetime
  • Hero

Each one is important, but the purpose of today’s article is to focus on the weekly ones. So, let’s learn more about them and see what we will need to do to complete them.

General Information about the Season 6 Weekly Challenges 

As their name suggests, the tasks you need to complete will change weekly. This means that you have seven days to make the most of them once you start playing. To check what’s available, you have to do the following:

  • Open Overwatch 2.
  • Select “Battle Pass”
  • Press “Challenges”.
  • Go to “Weekly”.

Completing the steps above will allow you to check all of the challenges you can go through. If you look to your right, you will also find how much time you have left to complete everything. You can also see how much experience you need to reach the next Overwatch 2 Battle Pass level. It's worth noting that you must complete all 11 weekly challenges to earn all of the 60 coins available to you.

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Ultimately, the weekly challenges are your main goal when playing Overwatch 2. In theory, Daily challenges should be done relatively passively, but those weeklies might require you to do some extra work.

If you are unsure which challenge to take, use the filter drop menu above them. This will allow you to sort them based on whether they are in progress, completed, or not started yet.

Additional benefits

Aside from the experience that you will get once you complete the different Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Weekly Challenges, the game will give other rewards. For example, you will earn 30 coins for completing 4 weekly quests. Those who complete 8 weekly challenges will earn 20 coins, while completing all 11 earns you an additional 10 coins. We agree; it seems a bit rubbish. 

Overwatch 2 may provide players with even more benefits in the future; we certainly hope we get more than 60 coins a week. 

Overwatch Season 6 Weekly challenges

So, into the good part of the article and why you're here. The weekly challenges. Below is a list of all this week's weekly challenges, what you need to do, and some tips (if needed) about how to complete them. 

Playing to Win – 

Complete 30 Games, wins count as double– As easy as that. Play 30  games across all modes and you'll complete the challenge, grab a few wins and it'll be done in no time.

Flex Your Power

Complete 7 Games queued as All Roles, wins count as double – As above, you'll need to head to the Quick Play Role Queue tab and queue as “All Roles”.

Casual Dedication

Complete n 45 games in Unranked Play, wins count as double – Like above, just slightly harder. The jump to 45 makes this harder than in previous seasons.

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Competitive Advantage

Complete 30 games in any competitive mode, wins count as double – Win in ranked games, again harder than in previous seasons.

Change of Pace

Complete 15 games in Mystery Heroes, Free-for-all Deathmatch, or any Arcade mode. Wins count as double – Like above but in the arcade

Role Mastery

Complete 15 games as each of the 2 roles in Quick Play or Competitive Play. Wins count as double – It should be a lot easier to do than it was in Season 1, at least! Just play each of the roles (Open Queue works) and get your easy weekly done.

Helping Hand

Earn 250 assists/saves. (Excludes Total Mayhem and co-op modes) – again, relatively simple and should be easiest to do as a Support or Tank

The Best Defence

Deal/boost 100,000 damage (Total Mayhem does not count) – Queue as a DPS to get this done faster; alternatively, Anna is an excellent pick.

Hold The Line

Mitigate a total of 32,000 damage (Total Mayhem does not count) – Queue as Reinhardt on a push map (look in the arcade) and have this challenge done in a few games.

The Real Heroes

Heal a total of 52,000 damage (Total Mayhem does not count) – For DPS players queueing as Soldier 76, Mercy is the key to this for everyone else.

Hero Mastery

Complete 7 games as heroes NOT in your top 3 most played (All Modes) – A weird challenge but just follow these steps to check. Career Profile > All Modes > don't play as anyone that appears in the top 3 on the right side under “Time Played”

Ultimate Offense

Earn 50 eliminations/assists with ultimate (Total Mayhem and Co-op do not count) – You should get this just by playing the game well, though if you want to get as much as possible, Moira is the best option.

Overwatch 2 Weekly Challenge Guide For Season 6
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