Overwatch 2: Using Zenyatta to Win Your Games

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Overwatch 2: Using Zenyatta to Win Your Games

With Overwatch 2 set to drop in October, we take a look at Zenyatta's potential.

Most people who play Overwatch and win to win as much as possible decide to focus on DPS or Tanks. Unsurprisingly, they believe those positions in the game allow them to have a more significant impact.

This is true up to a point because a good DPS or Tank can win the game if his opponents don’t know what they’re doing. However, this doesn’t mean that support heroes do not have any impact. On the contrary, every team needs good support who can heal, do damage and survive. Sadly, doing all those things is not easy, which is why only a handful of people are good support players.

Overwatch 2 is just around the corner, and, as you probably already know, the game changed a lot of things. There are tons of new skins, maps, and even abilities. In fact, every class in Overwatch now gets a specific massive skill, which makes the game a lot more interesting.

Speaking of support heroes, the one we’d like to focus on in this review is called Zenyatta, and he is easily one of the most popular options in the current Overwatch 2 beta. We see the hero all the time because it is just too good to pass on.

Zenyatta is not among the easiest hero to master, but he is not that complicated either. Hence, even players who do not have a lot of experience can put him to the test. Speaking of testing, here are some things you should know about him so you can use his power to win your games.

Zenyatta in Overwatch 2

Like most support heroes in Overwatch 2, Zenyatta has a couple of new things that make him a popular option among players. One of the hero’s most significant weaknesses was the fact that he was extremely fragile. As a result, people who did not know how to survive died for no reason because Zenyatta has no escape mechanisms.

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The bad news is that Overwatch 2 does not provide such an ability either. As a result, people who want to play with this hero need to position themselves behind their tanks. Speaking of the devil, tanks in OW 2 do not have as many shields as in OW, and the existing is not as powerful. In other words, surviving with Zenyatta is not easy.

Since the hero is susceptible to damage, Overwatch 2’s developers decided to make him slightly tankier. As a result, the hero now has 175 base shields instead of 150. Sadly, this comes at a cost because his Orb of Discord is now active for 2 seconds if Zenyatta loses his line of sight on his target. Previously, this ability lasted for three seconds.

Last but not least, Zenyatta receives a new passive ability called Snap Kick. This thing allows the hero to deal 45 damage on a melee attack and knock back his enemy. Even though this may not seem that impressive, the hero’s damage output is impressive, and enemies should be scared to approach him.

The perfect combos

Zenyatta is one of the heroes that has always been susceptible to flankers, and this continues to be a problem in Overwatch 2. Heroes like Genji and Tracer can make his life a living hell, which was one of the reasons why Zenyatta became a situational pick in Overwatch.

For better or worse, this continues to be a problem for the hero in Overwatch 2, at least from our observation. Despite his extra HP and the ability to deal more damage with his melee attack, the hero continues to be vulnerable against high damage-dealing flankers.

That’s one of the reasons why Zenyatta usually works best in setups that focus on mobility. These combos allow the hero to move with his team and dodge many incoming attacks from the enemy’s flankers.

As for his offensive capabilities, this is one of the supports known for doing much more damage than most other supports. What’s even more impressive is his Orb of Discord, an ability that can rip through the enemy team’s tank. The orb is becoming even more important in Overwatch 2 because tanks have more HP/Armor, which makes them even harder to kill. Fortunately, the 30% damage amplification is usually more than enough to bring them down.

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Zenyatta’s counters you should be aware of

We’ve briefly mentioned a couple of counters to Zenyatta that players should be aware of. Generally speaking, the hero has problems against every aggressive DPS because he has low HP and no defensive abilities. For example, Doomfirst used to be one of the worst heroes to face, but since he is a tank, he is not among the list of counters anymore.

The first name that we have to point out is Genji. The Cyber Ninja is highly mobile and can dodge shields and other defensive abilities. He also deals a lot of damage, which means he usually needs a couple of seconds to deal with Zenyatta. However, the fact that the support now deals more damage with his melee attack can make a difference, so Genji players have to be careful.

Hanzo is also a name that can cause Zenyatta problems. Even though he is not as aggressive as Genji, he can one-shot Zenyatta with a headshot, which makes him dangerous. What’s more, Zenyatta can’t use his new melee damage because Hanzo is a hero that likes to keep his distance.

Speaking of distance, Tracer is a hero that is usually extremely annoying to play against if you use Zenyatta. She is swift and can deal a lot of damage from a close distance. What’s even worse is that you can’t hit her with your orbs because she is just too fast.

Fortunately, Tracer does not have any buff to her HP, which means you can kill the hero with your melee attacks, as long as she doesn’t kill you before that. This is an interesting battle where both heroes can be victorious.

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Overwatch 2: Using Zenyatta to Win Your Games
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