Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines REVEALED

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Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines REVEALED

Are you curious to learn more about the Overwatch 2 ult voice lines? Let’s see what every hero has to say.

The voice lines in Overwatch are among the most important things in the game and have a key role in it. They make everything seem way more fun, especially when it comes down to using ultimates. In other words, the Overwatch Ult voice lines are the things that heroes say before using their ultimates.

After learning what year Overwatch 2 takes place, now it is time to reveal all of the voice lines that heroes use prior to their ults. Besides fun, this article is intriguing because you will be able to tell that a given hero has used his ult just by paying attention to the voice line.

Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines – Basics

One thing to remember before covering the Overwatch voice lines is that every single hero has one. This article is written during Overwatch 2 Season 8, so it will include the heroes that are currently available. Naturally, there will be changes in the future, so make sure to follow us for more information because we will update this article with everything new.

Overwatch Ult Voice Lines – Tanks

 Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines REVEALED


  • Activating self-destruct sequence! (your allies hear this)
  • Nerf this! (your enemies hear this)


  • Incoming! (your allies hear this)
  • Meteor Strike! (your enemies hear this)


  • For the Crusaders! (your allies hear this)
  • Hammer DOWN!/Touchdown! (your enemies hear this)


  • Unloading Scrap!
  • laughter


  • roars 

Wrecking Ball

  • Minefield deployed. (your allies hear this)
  • Area denied. (your enemies hear this)


  • Fire at will! (your allies hear this)
  • Ogon' po gotovnosti! (your enemies hear this)


  • What is that melody?! (your allies hear this)
  • Het universum zingt voor mij! (your enemies hear this)


  • For the Crusaders! (your allies hear this)
  • Hammer DOWN!/Touchdown! (your enemies hear this)

Junker Queen

  • Let’s take’em to the Wasteland! (your allies hear this)
  • Time for the reckoning! (your enemies hear this)


  • Meet your faith! (your allies hear this)
  • Pade aynmo re! (your enemies hear this)


  • Rip them to pieces! (your allies hear this)
  • Suffer! As I have! (your enemies hear this)


What’s interesting about Mauga is that he may have a few extra voice lines. Beside those you can see below, he may also have things like: What happened to your friends?, which usually occurs when he captures only one hero in his ult. He also says “Where’d your team go, buddy?” And “You should’ve stuck with your squad.”

  • We got them where we want them! (your allies hear this)
  • Come on, stay a while! (in Samoan) (your enemies hear this)

Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines – DPS

All dps have amazing Overwatch 2 voice lines for their ultimates, so here is what you need to know.


  • Get in there, BOB! (your allies hear this)
  • BOB, do somethin’! (your enemies hear this)


  • Beeps (your allies hear this)
  • Beeps + air raid siren (your enemies hear this)


  • Step right up. (your allies hear this)
  • It’s high noon. (your enemies hear this)


  • (duplicating) *enemy hero name* 
  • Adaptive circuits engaged *ally hero name* 


  • The dragon becomes me! (your allies hear this)
  • Ryujin no ken wo kurae! (your enemies hear this)


  • Let the dragon consume you! (your allies hear this)
  • Ryu ga waga teki wo kurau (your enemies hear this)


  • Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! (your allies hear this)
  • Fire in the hole! (your enemies hear this)


  • Freeze! Don’t Move! (your allies hear this)
  • Dong zhu! Bu xu zou (your enemies hear this)


  • Rocket Barrage incoming! (your allies hear this)
  • Justice rains from above! (your enemies hear this)


  • Clearing the area! (your allies hear this)
  • DIE! DIE! DIE! (your enemies hear this)


  • It’s go time! (your allies hear this)
  • This ends now! (your enemies hear this)

Soldier: 76

  • Tactical Visor activated. (your allies hear this)
  • I’ve got you in my sights! (your enemies hear this)


  • EMP Activated! (your allies hear this)
  • Apagando las luces! (your enemies hear this)


  • Reality bends to my will! (your allies hear this)
  • Yahi param vaastavikta hai (your enemies hear this)


  • Setting up the welcome mat. (your allies hear this)
  • MOLTEN CORE! (your enemies hear this)


Tracer is unique in terms of her Overwatch 2 ult voice lines because she has a couple of them, such as:

  • Alright!
  • Let’s try something else.
  • Special Delivery!
  • Wingin’ it!


  • No one can hide from my sight. (your allies hear this)
  • Personne n’echappe a mon regard. (your enemies hear this)

Overwatch Ult Voice Lines – Supports

The Overwatch ult voice lines for supports are as interesting as those for DPS and Tanks. Let’s go through them.


  • You are powered up, get in there! (your allies hear this)
  • Nano Boost was administered/Warihum quwitak! (your enemies hear this)


  • Light them up! (your allies hear this)
  • Vide bal sou yo! (your enemies hear this)


  • Rally to me! (your allies hear this)
  • Alla till mig! (your enemies hear this)


  • Face the sunrise! (your allies hear this)
  • Inti lluqsimun (quechua)! (your enemies hear this)


  • Let the Kitsune guide you! (your allies hear this)
  • Kitsune no kagidzume o tokihanate! (your enemies hear this)


  • Life protects life! (your allies hear this)
  • Chiwit pkpxng chiwit! (your enemies hear this)


  • Oh, let’s break it down! (your allies hear this)
  • Vamos esculachar! (your enemies hear this)


  • Heroes never die! (your allies hear this)
  • Halden starb nicht! (your enemies hear this)


  • Surrender to my will! (your allies hear this)
  • Geil do mo thoil! (your enemies hear this)


  • Experience tranquility. (your allies hear this)
  • Pass into the iris. (your enemies hear this)
Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines REVEALED
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