Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide, A thing of Beauty

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Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide, A thing of Beauty

A couple of heroes in Overwatch are popular among casual players, but don’t have a big role in the pro meta. Even though Bastion is probably the first name that comes to mind, Torbjörn is also on the list. Here's our Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide.

If you read some of our previous articles regarding the top heroes in each bracket, you can see that Torb shines in the lower divisions. Due to his tankiness and high damage output, Torb can be an excellent option in many cases. However, this doesn’t mean he is good in the current meta.

Speaking of metas, everything is about to change once Overwatch 2 becomes available. The new game will become available in October, so we have three months until then. Besides the new cosmetic items and the fact that it will be free to play, the new game will also give us access to loads of changes.

The new heroes will be interesting and highly sought-after, but the names from the original Overwatch will also appear in every game. Torb will probably be one of them, so let’s look at his role in the upcoming game.

Overwatch 2 changes

Unlike some top-tier DPS heroes that receive a lot of changes, Torbjörn does not offer anything new. There are no new abilities or ultimates you should be aware of. However, Overwatch 2 brings an essential change to the hero’s Rivet Gun. Its primary fire recovery is now 0.55s instead of 0.6, whereas the secondary fire mode is down to 0.7.

Those numbers might not seem that important for some players, but it means that Torbjörn should be slightly more robust in the new game. The idea behind the buffs is to make sure that Torb can keep up with the game’s boosted movement speed and fast-paced gameplay. Whether this buff will be enough to put Torb in the meta is doable, but it is a step in the right direction.

Torbjörn role

Unlike heroes such as Doomfirst, which are now tanks, for now, Torb will remain a DPS. However, people who have experience with him know that he is not an ordinary DPS. Torbjörn is not fast nor agile, but he makes up for that by providing a lot of damage survivability. 

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Aside from his higher base HP, he can gain bonus armor and shoot much faster, thanks to Overload. This ability makes him incredibly dangerous in 1v1 combat and almost impossible to kill by squishy heroes.

Since there are no core changes to orb's abilities, we expect that he will continue to have the same role as in Overwatch. In other words, he will be the primary damage dealer for his team and one of the best heroes to use when you want to defend a given point. Of course, his damage depends on how you position the Turret, so you need to be careful.

The bad news is that Overwatch 2 will be “faster” than Overwatch, so his Turret might not be as effective as before. Most DPS heroes should be able to dodge it and kill it before it inflicts too much damage.

Fortunately, Overwatch 2 will also give us access to new maps. Some of them do not seem that good for Torb, but others provide loads of spots where the Turret can do wonders.

Torbjörn combos in Overwatch 2

Unlike most other DPS heroes in the game that have to combine with loads of other names, Torb can work in pretty much any setup. However, most people don’t know how to use him in the attacking position. Hence, they focus more on defending.

Speaking of defending, there is one hero that will always work well alongside Torb and her name is Symmetra. The latter is an option for many DPS players because it offers a couple of turrets and a teleport. Needless to say, this makes it a great option alongside Torb.

This deadly duo in Overwatch will continue to play an important role even in Overwatch 2. Even though Symmetra received a lot of changes, the she remains almost the same. Some of her abilities do slightly less damage than before, but the hero should have more uptime. This means Symmetra should be able to do more damage overall.

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Another combo that can work well with Torb in Overwatch 2 is with Sigma. Previously, the DPS was a popular pick alongside heroes like Orisa because the shield allowed Torb’s Turret to survive much longer and deal more damage. However, this hero is not an option anymore because Orisa will have an entirely new set of skills.

Rein has never been that good alongside Torb because he needs to play aggressively to be effective. As a result, it seems like Sigma will be one of Torb’s best companions on Overwatch 2 because his Barrier can save the Turrent.

Despite the shield’s lower regeneration rate, Sigma will do more damage and become a lot harder to kill.

Junker Queen

Although we are yet to put one of Overwatch 2’s new heroes to the test, by the looks of it, Junker Queen will be an excellent option to use alongside heroes like Torb. Despite the fact that this tank does not provide a shield, her ability to do tons of damage means that most heroes won’t be able to go toe to toe with her.

Since they will try to hide behind the tank or flank her, Torb can use this to his advantage and position his Turret in a way that will allow him to wound or even kill at least a few heroes. Needless to say, it will be tough for them to stay away from JQ while simultaneously dodging Torb’s Turret.

Final Thoughts

Although some of us have access to OW 2’s beta, there might be a lot of changes once the game becomes available to everyone. Hence, some things mentioned here might not be valid anymore. 

If everything stays the same, Torb will be an interesting hero to play with. Although he did not receive as many chances as we’d wanted, he will play a vital role on some maps. We have to see whether he can become a meta DPS because he hasn’t been that popular in Overwatch in the last couple of months.

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn Guide, A thing of Beauty
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