Overwatch 2: Tips For Sojourn, One of the S-Tier DPS Heroes

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Overwatch 2: Tips For Sojourn, One of the S-Tier DPS Heroes

Our latest Overwatch 2 hero guide takes you through the tips you need to know to make top plays with Sojourn.

The mid-season update in Overwatch 2 became available a couple of days ago, and it had an effect on some players. Unsurprisingly, most people expected Sojourn to be one of the names to receive a lot of nerfs, but this was different. Blizzard decided to keep the hero as it is, meaning she continues to be one of the most dominant DPS in the game.

Sojourn offers excellent damage, insane mobility, and the ability to one-shot almost any DPS and Support. Even though players in the lower-ranked brackets can’t take full advantage of the hero and what she offers, the top-tier Overwatch 2 players rip through the competition.

Most people who’ve been playing the game know a thing or two about the hero, so we won’t make a complete Overwatch 2 Sojourn guide. Instead, this article will focus on a few tips and tricks that will help those who want to get better.

Shooting properly

Many people think Sojourn has no recoil in Overwatch 2, which is why they smash the left mouse click when shooting. This might be true up to a point, but Sojourn has a small recoil that becomes visible after your ninth bullet.

Unlike Soldier: 76, you don’t need to worry much about your recoil if you are close or in the mid-range of your targets. However, when it comes down to shooting from a distance, you must remember that the hero’s first 9 bullets have no recoil, whereas the other ones do.

In other words, the best thing you can do once you start playing is to focus on hitting your first 9 shots. Once ready, wait for around half a second for the recoil to reset, and repeat the same thing. Doing this from a distance will allow you to be much more accurate and feel as strong as Widowmaker.

Using your Beam

Besides Sojourn’s mobility, the thing that makes the hero incredibly dangerous is her right-click, a.k.a the Railgun. Sojourn has an “energy” that charges up when you hit your enemies or things like barriers. The higher the energy, the more damage it deals (the maximum is 100%).

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People without experience playing Sojourn think they have to wait to get a 100% charge to land a kill on a DPS or a Support with a headshot. Although it is better to have a more powerful charge, you can kill a target once your beam reaches 82%. Of course, you will have to land a headshot to get the kill because a body shot won’t bring down your target.

Keep in mind that you will only need the 82% charge if your target has 200 HP and hasn’t taken any damage yet. Assuming you hit your standard shots, you can kill it even with a 50% charge and a body shot. It all depends on the situation, but we’re trying to say that you shouldn’t wait until your gun has a 100% charge.

Speaking of your energy, a crucial thing to remember is that it will start falling down after around 8 seconds. In other words, you must use it as soon as possible or keep shooting certain objects to keep it active. Needless to say, you will charge more energy if you hit heroes rather than things like barriers, traps, turrets, and so on.

You need to learn how to use your orb

Besides Sojourn’s left and right mouse click attacks, the hero also has an ability called Disruptor Orb. The latter is incredibly powerful because it deals tons of damage and even slows enemies. This makes it ideal to use it at the start of a fight because it will allow you to hit your shots much easier.

Speaking of using this ability, there are several really important things you have to be aware of. Starting with the range, Disruptor Orb has around 30m of range, meaning that you have to have an idea of where it can go. Many players need to learn about it, which is why they end up wasting the ability for no reason. 30 meters is a lot, but it is not as far as you think. In other words, you have to start practicing until you get used to the range and how to use it.

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Another key thing to keep in mind when using the orb is that it needs to have LoS (Line of Sight) over your target in order to do damage. In other words, you can’t just fire the orb at a wall and expect it will damage the enemies behind it. This is really important, and you need to keep it in mind because we’ve seen many people who waste their orbs for no reason at all.

Aside from being a great initiation tool, Disruptor Shot can also be an excellent option when you want to kite someone or escape from danger. There are loads of situations where it can help you, such as when you have a Winston who dives you.

Taking advantage of Power Slide

Besides the crazy damage output, Sojourn continues to be the S-Tier DPS in Overwatch 2 because of her mobility. In addition to the Overwatch 2 DPS passive that allows her to move and reload faster, the hero has something called Power Slide. When used, she starts sliding, which allows gives her additional movement speed. Moreover, Sojourn can jump really high while using their ability, and she can keep shooting.

What’s interesting about Power Slide is that you can also use it mid-air. However, the only way to take advantage of the jump is if you reach a surface. In other words, you won’t be able to jump if you are in mid-air.

The ultimate

There aren’t really that many things we can point out about Overlock because we’ve already covered most of the things about the Railgun. That said, it is important to keep shooting with your standard attack while the Railgun is charging. Doing this will allow you to do even more damage because otherwise, you have to wait until the charge is back up.

Overwatch 2: Tips For Sojourn, One of the S-Tier DPS Heroes
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