Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 10

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Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 10

A complete Overwatch 2 tank tier list featuring the best heroes to choose (and avoid) after the Competitive mode rework

Overwatch 2 tanks play a critical role in every fight by protecting their teammates and dictating the flow of the fight. And with the global health increases, they're harder to kill than ever!

Previous changes buffed underperforming tanks and dialled back some of the strongest in the role. Follow our guide to know the best Tanks to play in our complete Overwatch 2 tank tier list for Season 10.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List S-Tier Heroes

Heroes from the S-tier section of our Overwatch 2 Season 10 tank tier list are the best ones to play to win your competitive games this season.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 9


Harness gravity's power with Sigma, whose versatile skillset, self-sufficient abilities and devastating ultimate gives you everything you need to win any game as tank in Season 10.

Sigma is one of those Tanks that can only get better. Apart from his omni-directional barrier that repairs itself, his Kinetic Grasp absorbs 60% of incoming damage and turns it into Shield health. On top of that, a successful slam from his Gravitic Flux deals 50% of the enemy's max health as damage, making it the perfect tool in a well-coordinated wipe.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List A-Tier Heroes

Heroes from the A-tier part of our Overwatch 2 Season 10 tank tier list are well-balanced, although not overpowered. These heroes have everything it takes to win competitive games if you know how to play them properly.


Heading the A-tier is Doomfist, a lean, mean fighting machine that's gotten more heavyweight due to his 75 HP increase and Rocket Punch damage buffs.

Some skill factors into the equation here, but it is very easy to plan your cooldowns properly to get good at Doomfist. And besides his passive healing, Talon's de facto leader also gets his health back during his ultimate, giving Doom the best disengage in his class.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 9


Overwatch 2's latest entry, the monster from Samoa makes the A tier for Cardiac Overdrive's effectiveness in every teamfight, being fairly self-sufficient and his big HP boost.

Mauga's ultimate “Cage Match” also gives his team a breather while he unloads on the enemy, which mostly ends in your favor eitherway. Plus his burning damage is hell to deal with when you're a support hero.


The Defender of Numbani stomps on the competition with her mitigation abilities and improved Terra Surge, making the optimistic Omnic a great pick for both Attacking and Defending sides.

On the other hand, Orisa only becomes an even better pick when the enemy team lacks a good shield tank. That said, Orisa's faster wind up on her ult is enough to bump her up our A-tier.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List B-Tier Heroes

B-tier heroes aren’t in their best shape but remain useful in specific situations – or in the right hands.


Roadhog's Season 10 changes reduced his survivability and made his ultimate less of a threat. With that, we're moving him down to B-tier in the meantime.

While his reworked healing ability makes him a fun hero to play, Take a Breather's longer regen makes him less independent. It still halves all incoming damage though, making the nerfs add more thought to Roadhog's gameplay.

The Overwatch 2 devs also made “Whole Hog” less lethal to make it more of a zoning tool, decreasing damage but buffing its knockback.


We're moving D.Va to the B-tier due to her strongest counters getting buffed in the midseason patch. She's less viable now, but there are still instances when the MEKA Squad leader shines.

D.Va's delightfully destructive ult comes in clutch this season as the best way to wipe multiple grouped enemies from the point. As with every tank, her health was buffed for both of her playable forms, giving the Korean prodigy a 100 HP boost overall.

But that's not all! Her Self-Destruct threat range was also increased by 2 whole meters, meaning that her ult will be harder to run away from. Dive comps are on the rise as well, so use D.Va to distract the enemy's backline.


Reinhardt excels in holding tight chokepoints with his team. However, his signature shield wall falls flat this season due to the near-global damage buffs.

But that isn't to say that the German crusader is out of the game. With his improved Rocket Hammer and Charge damage, it'll be a long time before Reinhardt hangs up the mantle. Squishy heroes who aren't wise enough to keep their distance will be risking their lives this season.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 9


Everyone's favorite monke leaps into B-tier for Season 10. 

Winston exceeds in chasing down vulnerable foes. That said, he is still a pocket pick in the current meta that relies heavily on his team for big plays and quick heals. Don't expect to make too much of an impact with Winston when the enemy team knows how to put their crowd control to good use.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List C-Tier Heroes

C-tier supports tend to heavily rely on team synergy or are assigned a specific role in every competitive meta.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 9


Null Sector's boss got a huge hardware update with his recent HP increase, and the midseason patch on Ravenous Vortex finally made him an optimal Defense tank.

Given enough practice, players can turn Null Sector's leader into a terrifying force of nature, but only in some instances. He's still relying on his team to follow-up on his ult. If they removed the time limit on his ultimate ability, Ramattra would surely ascend to a higher tier.


It's been difficult for Zarya to move above the mid-tier due to her current toolkit. Her bubbles don't feel like they offer the same protection they used to pre-Season 9. Her ultimate also depends on a quick follow-up from her team. So all in all, team communication is essential to maximizing Zarya's potential.

Still, not having to aim as a tank is pretty nice, especially after her Particle Canon beam's recent area increase. But there aren't plenty of reasons to stick with Zarya in the current meta.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List F-Tier Heroes

Season 10 picks that are best avoided until their next big buff comes along. These heroes don't provide much value in the current meta, and are extremely situational.


Junkerqueen's kit has lost most of its lethality due to the HP increases. On top of that, she doesn't offer much in terms of team survivability or damage if the player isn't used to juggling her cooldowns. Her Rampage buff holds her up as a decent tank in Season 10, though.

The Matriarch of Junkertown really shines when paired with an Ana or Lucio, but other than that, she can only rely on her low rate of fire and easy-to-cleanse wound damage.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball's +75 increase on his Armor certainly gives new players more room for mistakes, but that's all you'll be getting if you haven't committed enough time to practicing Hammond's toolkit.

A good dive tank is a support player's nightmare, but your success on Wrecking Ball depends on your aim and familiarity with each map. Before you have a solid understanding of both, avoid playing Wrecking Ball in Season 10.

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Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List for Season 10
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