Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Changes – Read Before Playing

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Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Changes – Read Before Playing

After covering the changes to all DPS and Support, it's time for our Overwatch 2 Tank hero changes guide.

Since the new game reduced the number of heroes from 6 to 5, playing tank has never been more crucial than it is today. The person who takes this role needs to know what he’s doing because every mistake can be crucial.

Speaking of tanks and Overwatch 2, we must remind players that the new game does not have as many shields as before. People who expect to use their shields like in Overwatch will have to think twice. This definitely makes the role of some heroes much harder.

Fortunately, most Overwatch 2 tanks now have extra XP, and they also have access to a new passive. The latter allows them to be less affected by knockbacks. Furthermore, other heroes will generate fewer ultimate charges while hitting them. With that said, here is what you need to know about every hero.

Tank Hero Changes – Doomfist

The first hero that we have to include on the list is Doomfirst. Some of you may wonder why this name is on the Overwatch 2 tank tier list when he was one of the top-tier DPS in Overwatch. That said, Blizzard decided to give the hero a new role and tweaked some of his abilities and HP.

The hero has a lot to offer, so let’s go through all of them.

  • The hero’s HP is 450 (it was 250).
  • Rising Uppercut is no longer available.
  • Doomfist has a new ability called Power Block. When used, the hero blocks 80% of the incoming damage from frontal attacks. Furthermore, this ability allows the hero to increase the damage of Rocket Punch.
  • Doomfist’s movement speed will be slowed down by 35% while using Power Block.
  • Seismic Slam allows the hero to jump into the air and deal 50 damage in the area where he lands.
  • Rocket Punch now deals between 15 and 30 damage, whereas the wall slam damage is now 20-40 instead of 50-150.
  • Rocket Punch now has a 1s charge time instead of 1.4s.
  • Hand Cannon’s damage is down to 5 from 6, but the ammo regeneration is down to 0.4s instead of 0.65s.
  • Meteor Strike deals between 15 to 100 damage to affected enemies, except from those in the ult’s center, who will receive 300 damage.
  • Speaking of Meteor Strike, this ability no longer knockbacks targets. Instead, all affected by it will have their movement speed slow down by 50%.
  • Lastly, Meteor Strike now requires 0.5s to cast instead of 1s.

Tank Hero Changes – D.va 

Most people are interested in the Overwatch 2 D.va changes because this is one of the most popular tanks in the game. That said, the hero remains relatively the same, but she has more HP, making it even harder to kill.

  • D.va’s Mech now has 650HP instead of 600.
  • The hero’s movement speed while using her primary fire is now reduced by 40% instead of 50%.
  • Fusion cannon’s spread is reduced from 3.5s to 4s.
  • Impact of Booster increased to 25 damage (it was 10).
  • Micro missiles have 7 seconds cooldown instead of 8s.
  • Call Mech’s cost is 12% less than before.

Tank Hero Changes – Junker Queen

Since we are talking about the Overwatch 2 tank changes, we have to include the newest tank in the game. Junker Queen quickly became one of the fan favorites, which is why the devs made a couple of changes since JQ became available. Despite all of the nerfs, this hero remains in the Overwatch 2 tank meta because it deals a lot of damage.

  • Commanding Shout now has a 15 meters radius instead of 20 meters.
  • Allies will only get a 50 HP bonus instead of 100, and Commanding Shout lasts only 3 seconds.
  • Commanding Shout has a 15s cooldown instead of 11s.
  • Rampage now has a 5 meters range instead of 6 meters.

Tank Hero Changes – Orisa

When talking about Overwatch 2 hero changes, we have to mention Orisa. This is one of the existing heroes from Overwatch that has tons of new things. Almost all of the hero’s abilities are new and seem more interesting than before.

Some people may think the lack of a barrier makes the tank more vulnerable, but this is not the case. Orisa now has several new abilities that allow it to do a lot of damage. Here is everything you need to know about Orisa in Overwatch 2:

  • Protective Barrier, Halt!, and Supercharger are no longer a part of the game.
  • The hero’s Base Armor and HP are up to 275 from 250.
  • Fusion Driver is now called Augmented Fusion Driver and no longer has ammo. Instead, it is heat-based, which means it could overheat if the hero uses it too much.
  • The Augmented Fusion Driver deals 12 damage per shot and has a 100% critical hit bonus.
  • Fortify no longer has a movement speed penalty, but Orisa is no longer immune to headshots.
  • There is a new ability called Energy Javelin, The latter allows Orisa to launch a javelin that deals 60 damage, knockback, and stuns enemies for 0.2s. If the enemy hits a wall, the javelin will deal 40 extra damage and stun the target for 0.3s.
  • Orisa has a new ability called Javelin Spin., When used, the hero destroys incoming projectiles for 1.75s. During that time, the ability can push enemies and deal up to 90 damage. It has 7 seconds cooldown, and the hero gains a 50% bonus movement speed.
  • Terra Surge is Orisa’s new ultimate. When used, the hero gains the Fortify effect and starts charging the ult. The maximum damage it can do is 500, but it depends on the charge time. The ult will deal damage while charging and slow down all enemies near it by 30%.

Tank Hero Changes – Reinhardt

There is no arguing that this Overwatch 2 tank will be very popular, similar to how he was in the game’s previous version. The good news is that the hero feels even better than before, so expect to see him more often. Here is what’s new:

  • Rein no longer has Steadfast passive ability. Instead, he has the global Overwatch 2 tank passive that grants him knockback resistance and the reduction of generating ults for other players.
  • The hero now has 325 HP (it was 300), and 300 armor instead of 200.
  • His Fire Strike deals 90 damage (down from 100), but it has two charges.
  • Reinhardt’s Barrier Field now has 1200 HP instead of 1600 and has a 144 HP regen rate than 200 HP/sec.
  • Charge can be canceled, and its steering turn rate is increased by 50%. Sadly, the ability deals 225 damage when pinning a target (it was 300). 
  • Charge now has 8 seconds cooldown instead of 10s.


If you are looking for an Overwatch 2 tank guide, you definitely have to learn more about Roadhog. Although he still does not have a shield, the hero has tons of HP and one of the best ults in the game. Speaking of the devil, his ultimate ability received a very significant change that allowed him to have control while shooting.

  • Roadhog’s Whole Hog Ultimate is no longer automatic. Instead, you have to press the primary fire button to use it.
  • You are not allowed to use other abilities while having the ultimate on.
  • If Roadhog gets stunned, it will no longer cancel his ult.
  • The hero’s self-healing is up from 300 to 350 in total.

Tank Hero Changes – Sigma

In addition to the Overwatch 2 tank passive role, Sigma gained some additional buffs. He was already a popular hero in Overwatch, so we expect to see him even more often in OW2.

  • Sigma’s Base shield HP is now 200 instead of 100.
  • Accretion deals 100 damage instead of 70.
  • Sigma’s Experimental Barrier now has 100 regeneration rate instead of 120.

Tank Hero Changes – Winston

Winston has always been one of the top tanks, and it seems like he will continue to be a popular option. The recent Overwatch 2 hero changes allow the hero to have a secondary fire and tweak several other things.

  • Winston now has a secondary fire that deals up to 50 damage and costs 12 ammo.
  • The hero’s base armor is 200 instead of 150.
  • Winston’s Barrier Protector now has 700 HP instead of 650, but it lasts for 8s instead of 9s. Fortunately, it has a 12s cooldown instead of a 13s.
  • Winton’s Primal Rage now costs 20% more resources.

Tank Hero Changes – Wrecking ball

Although Wrecking Ball did not receive a big Overwatch 2 tank buff, he remains a solid option across multiple skill brackets. That said, the changes to Adaptive Shield will definitely impact him because he is much harder to bring down.

  • The hero’s Baser Armor is now 150 instead of 100, whereas his base HP is 550 instead of 500.
  • Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield now has a 10 meters radius instead of 8m. Furthermore, the shield gains 100 health per enemy instead of 75 HP.
  • Wrecking Ball’s knockback is now 36% more than before.

Tank Hero Changes – Zarya

Lastly, we have Zarya, a name that didn’t get a major Overwatch 2 hero rework as people expected. Nevertheless, the hero received some new things that made her stand out from other tanks. As a result, we hope to see the hero even more often while playing.

  • Zarya now has 250 base HP (up from 200) and 225 base shields, which is 25 more than before.
  • Project Barrier and Particle Barrier share a 10-second cooldown and have the same two charges. The good thing is that the cooldown starts right after the hero uses the ability.
  • Interestingly, the duration of these two barriers is now 2.5 instead of 2s.
  • Using your Projected barrier on an ally will prevent you from using it again on the same target for 2 seconds.
  • Following the changes in Overwatch 2, Zarya now has 2.2 energy regen per second instead of 1.8.

That’s all you need to know about the Overwatch 2 hero changes related to Tanks. Pretty much all of them look great and make the heroes feel better than in OW 1. However, there aren’t that many barriers in the game, so players have to be careful because they could die faster.

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Changes – Read Before Playing
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