Overwatch 2: Supports To Avoid and Play in Season 5

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Overwatch 2: Supports To Avoid and Play in Season 5

Here are 5 Supports you should avoid in Overwatch 2 Season 5, at least for now.

Season 5 of Overwatch 2 is finally here, and it brought a lot of changes. We already made a full Battle Pass Overview, so check it to learn more about the skins and other important things.

Besides the new event, cosmetic items, and other small changes, Season 5 also introduced a lot of hero changes. Some of them are more important than others, but instead of going through everything, this article will pay more attention to support. The latter is among the most important role in Overwatch 2, so let’s learn more about which Supports are not that good in the current meta, meaning people should avoid them for now. Of course, we’ll also take a look at some of the picks that are worth getting. 


All Overwatch 2 Voice Actors - Kenyatta

One of the Overwatch 2 Supports that did not get any changes is Zenyatta. He’s incredibly strong in the current meta and can work in a wide array of situations. However, he is not the best option for certain combos, so you must be more careful when picking him.

Zenyatta’s ability to do a lot of damage and kill tanks fast will always make him a solid option in a single-tank meta.



The second support we need to talk about is Kiriko. She’s been one of the top-tier Overwatch 2 Supports ever since she became available in the game, and this continues to be the case. Since she did not receive any new big changes, Kiriko continues to be among the hottest options in the game right now.

Besides her utility and the fact that she’s hard to kill, Kiriko is also among the heroes that can easily work in a lot of combos and situations. She’s good in a brawl, dive and poke combo, which is why you can always see her, even in Overwatch 2 Season 5.

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Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Counters Ana Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Ana has always been one of the most dominant Overwatch 2 Supports in all metas, including among professional players. Her healing and damage output, combined with utility, make her among the best options, and Season 5 is not an exception.

If you check the stats, you can see that Ana is always among the most picked Supports in the game. In fact, a lot of people favor her more than many other supports, even though they can also bring a lot to the table.


Speaking of Overwatch 2 Season 5 Support changes, Moira was among the heroes that got affected. Following the new patch, she can’t use her Fade when she’s affected by an ability that locks her mobility. This definitely affects the hero’s survivability, but other than that, Moira remains one of the most annoying heroes in the game.

In other words, this is a hero that you should focus on, but you have to be a lot more careful than before.


Like in every season of Overwatch 2 so far, Mercy is a hero that works really well in many situations. She’s a hero you should consider if you want to help your team win games. Her ability to amplify the effect of other heroes can do wonders in many combos. 

With that said, one of the downsides of playing Mercy in Overwatch 2 Season 5 is that she’s hard to master. Furthermore, she does not have as much utility as some ofthe other popular supports in the meta, such as Kiriko.


lucio Best Ultimates

Despite being one of the best Overwatch 2 Season 5 supports, Lucio has one big problem that most people do not take into account – he is hard to master. He can be extremely dangerous and help his team a lot, but this will only happen if the person knows how to use him. Sadly, most people in the lower ranks of Overwatch 2 do not fall into this category, so if you’re among them, it is probably better to focus on something else.

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Lucio is an amazing option for a Brawl strategy with some of the most popular tanks in the game. He is also pretty hard to kill and can land solo kills, which is something that not many other Overwatch 2 sports offer. 


Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Counters Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The new hero from Season 4 of Overwatch 2 was the one that received the most changes in Season 5. Fortunately, they all were for the better because Lifeweaver got numerous buffs in the new season. 

Truth be told, we didn’t see him that often in play in Season 4, but the Overwatch 2 Season 5 changes will make him a lot more popular. He can work well in various setups, and his unique abilities open the door to many interesting plays that the enemy team won’t be able to deal with.


Even though she’s not that popular in the lower ranks of Overwatch 2, Brigitte is definitely an S-tier regarding Supports in Season 5. The hero excels in a brawl combo and works extremely well when paired with a target that she can protect. Considering that some heroes are a lot stronger in Season 5, we can see many situations where Brigitte can be a solid option for players.


Also known as “the king of Poke”, Baptiste’s role in Overwatch 2 Season 5 will be pretty big for teams that use this combo. However, he is not the best right now because many people will favor Zenyatta instead of Baptiste because of the Orbs.

Baptiste’s main strength is Immortality Field, which can be extremely good in many situations. With that said, all of his abilities have long cooldowns, which is not perfect.  

Final Thoughts

As we can see, pretty much all Overwatch 2 Season 5 supports are worth picking in the current meta. However, some of them are just better, so people who want to make the most of them should focus on the likes of Ana and Kiriko.

Overwatch 2: Supports To Avoid and Play in Season 5
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