Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank – From Worst to Best

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Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank – From Worst to Best

Now that Overwatch 2 has been out for more than 1 year, it is time to take a look at some of the best Overwatch 2 seasons so far.

2023 is over, and with it, fans waved goodbye to Overwatch 2’s first year. Blizzard’s game became available in late 2022, and it changed a lot of things about our favorite game. Whether some changes were for the better is up to debate, but there is no arguing that Overwatch 2 is better than the game’s first version.

We’ve already analyzed some of the best Overwatch 2 skins of 2023, but now we’ve decided to rank the different Overwatch 2 seasons from worst to best. This year gave us access to a lot of them and easy season was special, so let’s begin. The seasons are in no particular order.

Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank – Criteria

When ranking Seasons in Overwatch 2, you need to remember that people can use different criteria. A lot of players are more interested in the cosmetic items and Battle Pass, so they may use this to determine which season was better.

We know that cosmetics are important, but what’s also important is the meta. So, we’ll also take it into consideration for our Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank. Of course, we’ll also analyze whether the season had a new hero, a new map, or a specific event.

Season 8

Starting with Overwatch 2 Season 8 (the current one at the time of writing), it is a solid option to pick as the worst, but it is worth knowing that a lot of people like it. Even though we finally got to play with Mauga, some players think this is the Pay-to-win hero in Overwatch 2 because he is just really strong, and the only way to play with him is by getting the Premium Battle Pass.

The other new things in Overwatch 2 Season 8 are also not that impressive. The cosmetic items are mediocre, and fans also complain about the current meta. As a result, Season 8 is the one that gets the last place in our Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank. You may find other people ranking every Overwatch 2 season, to put it somewhere near the bottom, and it is mainly because of Mauga.

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Season 4 

Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank - From Worst to Best

Another disappointing season that we need to discuss in the Overwatch 2 Seasons rank is S4. Even though people were hyped about it, we must remember that this was when we saw Lifeweaver in action. The hero looked incredibly good on paper, but once people started playing, it became clear he was among the worst options in the game. In fact, Blizzard decided to buff the newly added hero just a few days after he was revealed, which is something we have never seen before.

Keep in mind this was also the season when this Star Wars-inspired event looked cool, but it wasn’t.

Season 7

After highlighting some of the options that weren’t that popular, the Overwatch 2 Seasons rank will address S7. This has to be one of the fan-favorite seasons mainly because of the cosmetic items. The amazing skins and collabs made S7 very interesting and a lot of people liked it. 

Speaking of collabs, not everyone was a fan of the Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM one, but people loved the Overwatch 2 x Diablo version. In fact, Moira’s skin is one of the best in the game.

Season 6

A lot of Overwatch 2 players may add Season 6 as their favorite for 2023, which is no surprise, considering all of the things we saw. Overwatch 2 Invasion gave us access to the much-waited PvE mode, as well as many other options, such as Illari. You may not remember, but she quickly became one of the best heroes in the game. 

Season 6 also gave us access to Flash Point, hero mastery, and many other things. Needless to say, S6 is high on our Overwatch 2 Seasons rank, and for a good reason.

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Season 5

When talking about Overwatch 2 Seasons rank, Season 5 is low on the list because it did not include as many changes as the rest. Unlike S6, when we got the chance to play PvE, Season 5 did not include any of that. We also did not get a new hero.

On the positive side, Season 5 of Overwatch 2 gave us access to many new modes. For example, there was the Prop Hunt Game Mode, Mischief & Magic, and more.

As for the skins, Tracer probably had the best options, but there were a few other intriguing alternatives. As for the meta, it was not that interesting, but we had the chance to play several tanks, and all of them were good.

Season 3

Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank - From Worst to Best
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The beginning of 2023 allowed us to watch Season 3 of Overwatch 2, which included one of the best mythic skins (the one for Kiriko). We also saw a new map with Penguins, as well as tons of events. The collab with One Punch Man and the events Ultimate Valentine and Pachi Marchi were interesting, and people liked them a lot.

Season 2

To be honest, Season 2 became available in December 2022, so it’s technically not a 2023 season. However, it concluded in early 2023, and we have to say that we put it really high on our Overwatch 2 Seasons rank list because it was great.

This was the season with some of the best skins we’ve ever seen. Also, Season 2 gave us a new map, a new hero (Ramattra), a new game mode called Battle of Olympus, and more. This mode allowed us to get some of the game’s leading skins.

Season 1

Last but not least, we have the first season of Overwatch 2, and it’s no surprise that it takes the first place on our Overwatch 2 Seasons rank. We can go on and on why it was the best, but the fact that it gave us access to the new game and all new things is more than enough.

Overwatch 2 Seasons Rank – From Worst to Best
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