Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier List – What Works Best?

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Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier List – What Works Best?

Here is our Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier List. Click to learn more about the heroes you should pick and what to focus on.

After discovering the Overwatch 2 Season 7 tier list for the DPS heroes, it’s time to see which supports to get alongside them. The support role in OW2 has always been underrated, but there is no arguing that it can make a difference. In fact, some support heroes are exceptionally strong, which is why more and more players decide to focus on the role instead of something else.

Season 6 was good for some DPS, but following the changes in Overwatch 2 Season 7, there are some new names that are worth picking. Without further ado, let’s learn more about them and see the heroes that work best in the current meta. Remember to take a look at the update for more information.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier List – S Tier

The S-Tier support heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 7 are excellent in pretty much any situation and are those that make a difference. Although some of you may not agree with what we’ve added, these heroes are just better than the rest.


The first hero on the list is not a surprise, especially if you had the chance to play at least a few matches on Overwatch 2 Season 7. Brigitte is very good in a brawl setup, and she even received a small buff in S7. After the changes, Whip Shot deals 80 instead of 70 damage  This makes her very strong because she can burst down squishy heroes.

Today, Brigitte works in many setups, including with heroes like Sigma. These two make up for each other’s weaknesses, so expect to see them a lot.


Despite the fact that Illari received a Nerf yet again, she is an S-Tier support in our Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier List. The hero can deal tons of damage, heal her allies when needed, and is good against dive setups. Also, let’s not forget Illari’s neutral ability is incredibly strong.


The A-tier supports are strong in most matchups, but they are just not as efficient as the S-TIer.


Kiriko is one of those “evergreen” supports in Overwatch 2 that works in every meta and match, and S7 is not an exception. She can deal tons of damage and help allies, and her ultimate allows her team to pressure the enemies.


When discussing the Overwatch 2 Season 7 support tier list, Baptiste deserves to be in the S-Tier. He has incredible healing, can do a lot of damage, and has the ability to save allies from dying. Unfortunately, Baptiste is not good against Sombra, who is one of the best DPS heroes right now. That’s the reason why he is in the A-tier instead of the S-tier. 


Many people probably think that Ana should be in the B-tier when it comes down to Season 7. However, her ability to “cancel” dive setups and the damage/heal debuff make her really good. Another thing that Ana is good at is countering Sombra, which will be incredibly important in the current patch.

In terms of the downsides, the hero is just not that good in surviving. People who can’t land their dart shot can have a lot of problems, so keep that in mind before you s tart playing.


These Overwatch 2 Support heroes have the ability to make a difference, but only in certain cases.


Although he was one of the worst heroes in Overwatch 2 before, Lifeweaver is actually pretty good. He works well against Sombra because his ultimate will survive. Moreover, it will almost instantly heal his teammates, which is important in the current meta.

Lifeweaver is on this Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier because he has an incredible saving ability. His damage output is also something that many people underestimate until ti’s too late.


Even though he is the Overwatch 2 Season 7 support that is hard to master, Lucio players can make a real difference in their team. Unfortunately, he is just no good against Sombra, which is why the hero is in the B-Tier. 

It probably goes without saying, that Lucio is a fantastic hero when you need to escape from danger, but he requires his team to be effective.


The C-tier support heroes in Overwatch 2 are efficient when used in the correct setup.


There were times when Moira was one of the best heroes in the game, but this is no longer the case. The Overwatch 2 Support can work well in brawl setups, but she does not have enough utility to work well in the current meta. Fortunately, her ultimate is good because it goes through most of the defensive abilities.


The heroes in this Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier list only work in specific situations.


Aside from the classic combo with Mercy and Pharah, the support hero is just not that efficient right now. The damage boost is good, but since it got nerfed, most players prefer using other heroes


The F-Tier support heroes are not worth getting right now unless you have to counter a specific hero. 


The only hero in the F-tier right now is Zenyatta, which will not surprise Overwatch 2 players who play regularly. He has no defensive cooldowns and is extremely weak against fast DPS heroes. Sadly, Sombra is one of the best right now, so she can easily kill Zen in seconds.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Support Tier List – What Works Best?
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