Overwatch 2 Positioning Guide – 4 Things To Take Into Consideration

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Overwatch 2 Positioning Guide – 4 Things To Take Into Consideration

2022 was an amazing year for every Overwatch 2 fan because people got the chance to play Blizzard’s latest game. Overwatch 2 took over the world when it became available and continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. It’s been almost 3 months since its release, and we are already in the middle of Season 2.

Speaking of OW 2 and Seasons, many people play this game because they want to reach the highest possible rank. Although this is not easy, those who are persistent and play frequently will eventually get there. Of course, besides being good with the heroes they focus on, people need to know how to position themselves. That’s why this guide will cover some of the key factors you must consider when it comes down to positioning.

There aren’t that many things that differentiate the best Overwatch 2 players from the PUB stars, but positioning is one of them. So, let’s go through the main things you have to take into consideration.

Why do you need to have good positioning?

You need good positioning because this will help you avoid certain abilities and make the most of others. You’ve probably been in many situations where you’ve lost a round or a game simply because of your positioning. For example, not having cover against heroes like Cassidy makes a huge difference because you will most like die from the ultimate.

An important thing to remember is that positioning is more important for some heroes than others. There are DPS, such as Junkrat, that can do damage and be useful in pretty much any position. However, heroes like Widowmaker need to know where to go in order to make the most of the situation.

While we are on the topic of positioning, we’ve mentioned that heroes like Cassidy require special attention. Well, the same applies to D.Va because her ultimate is notorious for doing insane amounts of damage. So, unless you find a place to hide, you will die and leave your Overwatch 2 team with one less player.

To avoid putting your team in such situations, you must have some natural cover. Every map provides tons of options, so you just need to find the place that works best for you and use it to your advantage. Staying in the open may seem like a good idea, but in reality, it isn’t because you will tank too much damage, and there is always a risk of dying.

Of course, some natural covers are better than others, so you have to find the one that works best. Try watching some of the best players in the world if you want to learn more about the best positions on each map.

Using the High Ground

Whether you play Dota 2 or Overwatch 2, you probably know that having access to the High Ground will provide you with a lot of perks. Despite that, some people don’t use it to their advantage, which is why the aren’t as useful as they should be

Having access to the high ground in Overwatch 2 will allow you to increase your chances of winning by a lot. Besides doing more damage overall, you can use it to dodge abilities and incoming damage. In other words, it is something that you should definitely focus on.

There are countless examples of how the high ground can help you while playing Overwatch 2. For example, you can use it to do damage to the enemy backlines if they have a big tank, such as Reinhardt. Of course, you can also use it against specific enemies because you can peek, do damage, and go back, which means it will be really hard for them to land a kill.

Another thing that people often forget about the Overwatch 2 HG is that it gives you the ability to chase certain heroes and pressure others. The fact that you can be relatively safe while doing it makes it even more valuable.

It is worth mentioning that some heroes in Overwatch 2 won’t be able to do much against you when you are on the HG. Not all tanks and DPS have mobility, so you should definitely use this against them and dominate from your position. There are many examples, such as Rein, Mei, and even Reaper. That said, there are also many heroes that can contest you, so you need to be careful.

You may need to stay close to your team and near a Health Pack

Although there are certain Overwatch 2 heroes that can work well on their own, most of them require staying close to their team to be effective. Besides helping them with the damage, staying close to your team will increase your chances of survival attacks. Hence, this is something you need to take into consideration.

Another important factor to consider is that you have to keep an eye on the Health Packs around the map and use them to your advantage. Staying near one will let you be way more aggressive because you can make some risky proves and retrieve to get healed up. Of course, there are situations where this won’t be possible because there will be a Sombra in the game.

Overwatch 2 is a dynamic game, meaning you will have to change your position and adapt to the situation

One of the key factors you must remember when you start playing Overwatch 2 is that your position will change all the time. Unlike some games, there aren’t any static positions in Overwatch 2, meaning you have to constantly change and adapt.

There are loads of factors that may have an effect on your positioning. Besides the heroes and your enemies, it depends on your skill, the map, as well as your in-game role. For example, some DPS heroes can be extremely aggressive and do tons of damage, but most supports should focus more on defensive play.

Final thoughts

Aside from everything we’ve included so far, things like flanking and taking off angles are also different kinds of positioning. However, mastering them is complicated and will take some time, so you have to practice a lot to learn everything. We can’t cover everything in one article, so expect more information about them in the future.

Overwatch 2 Positioning Guide – 4 Things To Take Into Consideration
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