Overwatch 2: Mid-Season S-Tier Heroes

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Overwatch 2: Mid-Season S-Tier Heroes

These heroes are the S-Tier of Overwatch 2's Mid-Season.

The mid-season patch always affects Overwatch, so it wasn’t surprising that Overwatch 2 changed. It’s been around a month, and a half since the new game became available, and people are enjoying it a lot. The Overwatch 2 changes had a massive impact on a lot of things, especially the heroes.

People who’ve played the beta remember that some names were way stronger than before. That said, there have been a couple of smaller changes since then that had an effect on some heroes. After covering some of the names you should avoid using, it is time to focus on the best Overwatch 2 heroes and see which names fall into the so-called “S-Tier”.


The first hero that deserves to be a part of the S-Tier is the new support in Overwatch 2. Kiriko is a hero that has a lot of fans already because she can do wonders in all sorts of situations. Besides being hard to kill, Kiriko can do a lot of damage.

That said, the thing that makes her so good in the current meta is that she can make other heroes much stronger. Thanks to her ult and dispels, Kiriko removes some of the weaknesses from other heroes and makes them feel much stronger.

Of course, Kiriko also heals a lot, which means she can work well against lineups that do a lot of damage.


Lucio has always been among the best heroes in the game, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he is also an S-Tier hero in Overwatch 2 right now.  He is fast, heals a lot, provides tons of survivability, and can deal a lot of damage. The only downside of playing with Lucio is the hero’s high skill cap and the fact that he requires a lot of practice.

We also have to mention that Lucio can work alongside a lot of the top-tier DPS and Tank heroes right now. That’s one of the reasons why you can see him in almost every game.


Speaking of tanks and the current Overwatch 2 meta, Roadhog is undoubtedly one of the strongest Overwatch 2 heroes right now. He is incredibly tanky and can kill almost every DPS/Support hero in seconds.

The hero received several buffs in Overwatch 2, which positively impacted his damage and overall game presence. It is also worth mentioning that Roadhog works great with heroes like Kiriko.

The last big reason why we are confident that Roadhog deserves to be an S-tier hero right now is his 1v1 potential. Unlike other tanks, such as Rein, Roadhog can easily kill almost anyone in a 1v1 matchup. What’s more, this hero can do a lot even of he does not get a lot of support from his team. This does not apply to most other tanks.


The second top-tier Overwatch 2 tank in the current meta that has to be on the list is D.Va. This won’t surprise regular Overwatch players because D.Va has always been one of the preferred options, especially for Competitive play.

One of the things that set D.Va apart from other tanks is the fact that she is good against them. In fact, D.Va can deal with pretty much anything, including the current Roadhog (although this depends a lot on the map). 

Of course, we also must mention that her damage output as a tank is second to none. Even though there were several small nerfs, D.Va continues to be one of the top-tier Overwatch 2 tanks.


The final S-Tier tank in the current meta that you should focus on is Winston. Despite the fact that the hero did not get a lot of new things in Overwatch 2, he is among the best heroes right now. Unsurprisingly, Winston is one of the top picks in the Overwatch league.

Winston has fantastic mobility, one of the best barriers, and a pretty strong burst combo. All those things make him a lot better than other tanks, which makes him an S-Tier tank.


When talking about S-tier Overwatch 2 heroes, we have to include the infamous Sojourn. Since she was one of the three new Overwatch 2 heroes, we expected Blizzard to nerf her a lot, similar to what they did to Junker Queen. Although she received a couple of changes, they were not enough to remove her from the S-Tier, which is why she deserves to stay on the list.

Many people think Sojourn had to be nerfed in the mid-game patch, but this didn’t happen. Instead, Sojourn can quickly kill most support/DPS heroes with her Railgun, whose full charge lasts for around 8s. Although most low-rank Sojourn players can’t take full advantage of the hero, those who are good at Overwatch 2 can get their desired rank in no time.


Reaper is one of the interesting meta-heroes in Overwatch 2. Some people do not like his playstyle, but after the changes made to Cassidy, he is tough to stop, especially on some maps. The fact that Kiriko is also a top-tier pick in the meta also helps Reaper stay in the S-Tier because the support gives him enough movement speed to chase his opponents.

Reaper’s aggressive nature, the fact that he is beefy, and his ability to teleport make him stand out in the current meta. Unsurprisingly, he is among the best heroes you can get right now.


This pick may surprise some of you, but Baptiste definitely deserves to be in the S-Tier when it comes down to supports in Overwatch 2. The buffs he received once the new game arrived made him the preferred option for many players. Fortunately, the hero remains the same as before in the mid-game, meaning he continues to be really strong.

The thing that sets Baptiste apart from his competitors is the high damage output and the fact that he is hard to kill. Overwatch 2 players who know how to use Baptiste are incredibly hard to deal with because they can always change their position. We also have to remind you that Baptiste has Immortality Field, one of the most powerful Overwatch 2 abilities if used correctly.

Some people may think that the S-Tier mid-season Overwatch 2 list should contain a couple more names. Heroes like Tracer and Widowmaker could also be there, but the names you see above found their way based on our experience. Ana is also a solid choice for the S-Tier, but these heroes only works in some setups.

Overwatch 2: Mid-Season S-Tier Heroes
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