Overwatch 2 Losing Streak – What To Do?

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Overwatch 2 Losing Streak – What To Do?

This article will go over some of the things you can do in Overwatch 2 if you are on a losing streak.

Despite the fact that Overwatch 2 Season 6 is fun to play because there are tons of different heroes in the current meta, there are cases where we don’t feel like playing. Some people feel this way because they don’t have anyone to play with, whereas others are affected by the Overwatch 2 losing streak.

Even though some of us will not admit it, all players have been in situations where they’re on a losing streak. Whether it’s because of TILT, the so-called “losers queue,” or something else, finding yourself in this situation is not pleasant. Some users know how to cope with the pressure, but others do not know what to do and often end up losing more and more.

Luckily, we are here to help because this article will focus on what to do if you are in an Overwatch 2 losing streak. Once you’re done reading, go over the 7 biggest expectations for Season 7 of OW 2 so you are prepared for what is to come.

It’s probably a good time to stop

As simple as it seems, one of the easiest ways of preventing your Overwatch 2 losing streak is to stop playing. Many people do not realize it, but stopping and thinking about the things that have gone wrong can have a huge impact on your results. We know that it can be tricky, but it is worth it in the long run.

The bad news is that most people can’t just stop playing Overwatch 2 after losing a few games. Some of them are eager to win so they can feel better, whereas others go one step further and want to win all the games they’ve lost. All of this is because of the player’s ego and the fact that most of us can’t accept the fact that we are beaten.

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Many people will not admit it, but they just can’t lose. Sadly, this is one thing that we need to get used to when playing Overwatch 2 or any other competitive game – we can’t always win. So, don’t be afraid of stopping, no matter what others think about that, because this will help you recharge and escape the Overwatch 2 losing streak.

If possible, try to go back and analyze what went wrong

One of the most important yet hardest things you should do if you find yourself on an Overwatch 2 losing streak is to try and analyze what went wrong. The bad news is that most players won’t be able to do this because they will be too tilted and want to do something else. If you, however, find the strength to do that, you should definitely go through the process of watching how you’ve played. 

Once you start doing it, you need to pay close attention to every single step that has resulted in your loss. For example, check whether you’ve positioned properly and if you’ve used your cooldowns when needed. Once you analyze your gameplay, skimming through your teammates is a good idea. Often times we lose because our supports or tanks are not doing something right, so you should check this. In fact, it will probably make you feel better if you notice that someone’s making a big mistake because this means that you are not guilty of the loss.

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Once you are on an Overwatch 2 losing streak and realize something is not okay, try learning from that mistake. If you are confident in your skills and believe that you weren’t the one responsible for the loss, you will eventually get good teammates and win your games. 

There are a lot of things to keep an eye on regarding your gameplay. Aside from the obvious ones, such as positioning and using your cooldowns, you should also analyze the comps you are playing against, your movement, combos, and many other things.

Listen to relaxing music

Some people may find it funny, but listening to relaxing music after being involved in an Overwatch 2 losing streak can make a difference. Music is something that we use to relax and have fun, so it’s no surprise that a lot of gamers use it while playing. In fact, depending on what you’re listening to, it may give you the needed boost to perform better in that moment.

There’s no right or wrong in terms of the music you have to listen to because it all depends on what you like. With that said, most gamers focus on fast music, which is not exactly relaxing, but it could work for some.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are the best Overwatch 2 player in the world or someone who plays casually, there will be times when you will lose. Since we’ve talked about stopping when that happens, we also need to address the fact that it’s a good idea to keep playing when you are winning. There’s nothing better than finding yourself on a winning streak, so try to make the most of it when it happens.

Overwatch 2 Losing Streak – What To Do?
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