Overwatch 2 Leak Suggests Players Can’t Play Competitive Matches Until Unlocking All Heroes

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Overwatch 2 Leak Suggests Players Can’t Play Competitive Matches Until Unlocking All Heroes

Overwatch 2 is literally around the corner because we should see the game in a couple of weeks from now. Unsurprisingly, the rumors behind Blizzard’s new titles are on the rise, and one of them seems rather strange. 

According to some of the latest leaks, it seems like players won’t be able to play competitive matches unless they have unlocked every hero. This may not seem like a big deal, but we have to remind you that other leaks revealed that Battle Pass owners could unlock all heroes. If both things are true, it seems people will have to get the Battle Pass to play competitive matches or spend hours unlocking all heroes.

Overwatch 2 Leak

The most recent Overwatch 2 leak was really important because it revealed a lot of information. Aside from the newest hero in the game called Kiriko, we’ve also learned that the hero will be available to those with the Season 1 battle pass.

Following this reveal, one of Blizzard’s employees said that it was true. He also said that heroes would be available for free, but people who don’t want to do the work to unlock them will be able to get the battle pass and do that.

The leak itself also contained information that players might need up to 15h to unlock the heroes at T1 20 of the battle pass. On top of that, the info shown above reveals that players will need to unlock every hero before being able to play in a competitive match.

Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Kiriko

Whether this will be the case is still unknown because no one from Blizzard has come forward yet. However, considering that some previous leaks were true, this one can also fall into this category.

The problems

Although we have nothing against the potential grind we have to go through to unlock all heroes, the fact that some people will have no other option but to pay to play competitively is not good.

After the battle pass disappears, people must complete different changes to unlock the given heroes. For example, the leak showed that Kiriko would require you to win 25 matches as support in quick play.

Another issue we have to address is not present right now, but if all rumors are true, it will be a big deal in the future. Imagine a situation where someone starts playing in a few years after Overwatch 2 becomes available and has to go through 25+ wins to unlock EVERY hero. Needless to say, players won’t have any other option but to buy the Battle Pass and have access to all heroes they like.

We are yet to see what will happen in the future because the game isn’t available yet. Who knows, Blizzard might decide to take into account the feedback and make some changes.

Overwatch 2 Leak Suggests Players Can’t Play Competitive Matches Until Unlocking All Heroes
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