Overwatch 2: Is Sojourn Worth it After the Nerfs in Season 2?

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Overwatch 2: Is Sojourn Worth it After the Nerfs in Season 2?

Sojourn was one of the new heroes to arrive with Overwatch 2, and she quickly became the most popular option. It was safe to say that the hero was overpowered, which explains why he received countless nerfs after that.

Despite the changes, she continued to dominate in the meta, especially regarding the higher ranks. Despite the changes, she was also the leading DPS in the first days of Season 2. However, the most recent changes in the Overwatch 2 patch from December 15 definitely affected the hero.

A couple of days after the update, Sojourn is definitely not as strong as before. However, this doesn’t mean the hero is not worth it because he has a lot of firepower. Let’s go through all of the things you need to know about her and how the changes affected the way you play.


Pretty much everything that Sojourn has to offer is good and affects the hero’s popularity. However, her Railgun definitely stands out because this is the ability that makes Sojourn as deadly as Widowmaker. 

Following the changes that affected the duration of the energy she stores, the Overwatch 2 Season 2 update now increased her primary fire spread by 28%. This may not seem that important, but it definitely makes Sojourn harder to master, especially if you decide to spray. 

In fact, the changes will most likely put an end to this technique because most players will focus on short bursts. The good thing is that your first couple of shots will be accurate all the time, so you have to take advantage of it.

Disruptor Shot and its slow

Aside from Sojourn’s Railgun, her Disruptor Shot is also great and is one of the best in preventing people from pushing through choke points. However, the latest nerfs in the Overwatch 2 update for Season 2 removed the movement speed slow from this ability. As a result, Disruptor Shot will only do damage.

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It is safe to say that this is the biggest nerf that the hero has to go through in Season 2. Although Disruptor Shot’s damage remains the same as before, the fact that the ability does not slow makes it less potent than before. In fact, Sojourn may have to combine it with other abilities to make the most of it.

Considering that the enemy herpes will be able to walk away from it, Sojourn can use it in combination with some stuns or other kinds of disables. If none of those things are present, Sojourn players will have to be smart and think carefully about how and when they use it.

Powerslide has 1s extra cooldown

The last change to Sojourn in the mid-season 2 update is related to her movement speed ability called Powerslide. Following the changes, it now has a 7s cooldown instead of 6s, which means that the hero loses some of her mobility. Fortunately, the nerf is not that impactful because Sojourn continues to be one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes when it comes down to running away from her enemies and chasing her targets.

Speaking of running away, players have to be slightly careful when facing some heroes, such as Winston. The one additional second cooldown might be enough for them to pressure you, so keep that in mind.

Is Sojourn still worth it?

Yes, Sojourn is still worth it, despite the nerfs. The hero is not as strong as before and will require some getting used to. However, once you learn to pay more attention to your slide’s cooldown and the way you use your Railgun, you will continue to be one of the best DPS in the game.

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Sojourn is a hero that can be an excellent option when you have to kill support or DPS right away. Sure, the changes will make this job slightly harder, but you should be able to land all of your shots.

Similar to before, the most important thing you should do when you decide to play with this hero is to hit your Railgun shots. Doing this will allow you to secure tons of kills, which will lead to victories. Contrary to popular belief, Sojourn requires some skill, which is why people who’re missing their shots do not have that big of an impact on the game.

Sojourn's future in Overwatch 2

The fact that Sojourn received tons of nerfs in the last couple of weeks did not come as a surprise because people constantly complained about her. However, following the most recent changes, we think that Blizzard should not nerf her anymore because this might “kill” the hero.

Some players think Sojourn should do less damage with her Railgun and not have the chance to one-shot targets. Needless to say, this is wrong because having the option to one-shot a target depends on your skill. Good sojourn players who know what they’re doing shouldn’t be punished for the fact that they can kill you in seconds.

Similar to Widowmaker, Sojourn is a hero that excels when the player is good a the game. This is one of the reasons why she continues to be one of the top-tier picks among the highest-ranked players.

Overwatch 2: Is Sojourn Worth it After the Nerfs in Season 2?
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