Overwatch 2 DPS Guide & What’s The Best DPS

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Overwatch 2 DPS Guide & What’s The Best DPS

Overwatch 2 is a complex game, and DPS is one of its most complex. Here's an Overwatch 2 DPS Guide to tide you over. We'll also look at some best Overwatch 2 DPS.

Every day brings us one step closer to Overwatch 2, Blizzard’s latest game. Finally, the much-awaited entry of the most popular games in its genre will become available this October. What’s interesting is that the game will be free to play, which means there is no need to purchase anything.

Speaking of purchases, Overwatch 2 will also allow us to access news skins, as well as different battle passes. Unsurprisingly, the game also has new maps, game modes, and even heroes.

While we are talking about heroes, we have to point out that the DPS continues to dominate this game because there are more DPS than tanks and supports. This is probably good news for most players because the DPS is the most popular role in Overwatch.

Aside from the many hero changes, you must get used to, Overwatch 2 also gave each class a specific buff. In the case of DPS heroes, they will gain a 10% movement speed bonus, which will make them more mobile and harder to kill.

Even though we are yet to see whether the game will offer something new, our extensive tests throughout the beta allowed us to learn a thing or two about most DPS. So, let’s take a look at some things you should do and which heroes you should focus on, at least for now. 

Flanking is king yet again

One of the things that Overwatch was known for is flanking. This term became very popular, and it was used when DPS heroes used their mobility and elusiveness to attack enemies from behind. 

Overwatch has many notable flankers, such as Genji, Tracer, Sombra, etc. All of them are good in some situations, and it seems like these heroes will be even better in Overwatch 2. 

Since flankers were fast before the buff, the added 10% movement speed will make them even stronger and most annoying, especially for healers. The latter do not have anything that cant protect them from the deadly attacks, aside from the passive HP regeneration. 

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Aside from the bonus speed, some new maps are also great for flanking. That’s why we expect heroes like Genji to become even more popular.

You can do a lot more damage than before

Although some DPS was really fun to play in Overwatch, facing double shield lineups was ever interesting. Certain DPS heroes rarely had the chance to do a lot of damage to the enemy lineup because they had to go through massive barriers. It seems like Blizzard’s devs were unhappy with the current situation because they’ve changed a lot of things in Overwatch 2.

For starters, some tanks no longer have barriers, whereas names like Reinhardt have a much weaker shield than before. This is good news for players who like DPS because they will be able to do a lot more damage than before. 

With that being said, killing a given target won’t be easy because most tanks have more HP and armor than before. Nevertheless, it is more satisfying to land headshots rather than hitting a shield over and over again.

Sojourn will be a hot option in the meta

Although we are yet to see whether the Overwatch 2 meta will be the same as the one in the beta, one thing is for certain, some heroes will be way more popular than others. Speaking of the devil, Sojourn is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to mind. This incredible DPS hero surprised everyone with her mobility and insane damage output.

Sojourn is a ranged DPS hero with a similar playstyle to Soldier: 76. However, instead of having bonus movement speed and healing ability, the hero can slide on the ground, jump high, and use a powerful nuke that deals damage and slows down enemies.

While it is true that this hero is enjoyable to use, she is not that easy to learn, especially if you do not have any experience. Unlike other dps heroes, such as Junrat or Pharah, this one requires you to have good aim to be successful, especially with your ultimate. The latter allows Sojourn to shoot powerful beams that can one-shot an enemy.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Best DPS – Junkrat

Another hero that will probably be more popular in OW 2 than in OW is Junkrat. The latter used to be a part of the meta a couple of years ago, but he hasn’t been on the radar for some time now. This forced Overwatch 2’s developers to buff the hero and made him stronger than before.

Although Junkrat has the same HP and damage output using his standard attacks, his projectiles are now larger, which means he will be able to hit more targets. Needless to say, this will result in more overall damage, especially when you remember that some tanks no longer have shields.

What’s also interesting is that there is a buff to his trap. This ability now deals more damage, so Junkrat can kill his targets faster. Speaking of fast, Streel Trap also has bonus speed, so Junkrat should be able to use it much faster.

Best DPS – Widowmaker

The last hero that we think will be stronger in Overwatch 2 than in the game’s first version is Widowmaker. This hero is not like the rest because she does not do as much damage. Furthermore, she is usually not with her team because she is the only “real sniper” in Overwatch. Hence, she needs to be in a position where she can use her power.

Although Widow only received an HP boost, the hero is much stronger in Overwatch 2 due to the lack of shields. She can finally kill healers and weak DPS heroes without the need to wait for her teammates to break a given shield. This might not seem that important, but our tests have proven that Widowmaker is a good option.

The bad news is that the hero does not have any new abilities, such as something that allows her to nuke a target in seconds. Unsurprisingly, some people might find her boring, especially compared to Sojourn.

Overwatch 2 DPS Guide & What’s The Best DPS
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