Overwatch 2: How To Abuse Cassidy Before Blizzard Nerfs Him?

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Overwatch 2: How To Abuse Cassidy Before Blizzard Nerfs Him?

Every Overwatch 2 meta has its “broken” heroes, and the current one isn’t an exception. We’re just a couple of weeks away from the arrival of Season 4 and the new hero, but until then, we’re stuck in Season 3. Speaking of the devil, the latter has a couple of heroes that stand out, but Cassidy is in a league of his own.


This Overwatch 2 DPS is so powerful that it has become the go-to option in almost any meta. His incredible damage output and the ridiculously overpowered grenade always made him the preferred option. Consequently, we expect Blizzard to learn this Overwatch 2 DPS in the upcoming patch.


Before that happens, you can definitely use him to your advantage and start picking him. This article will show you all of the things you need to be aware of regarding Overwatch 2 Cassidy and how to abuse him before Blizzard decides to apply the nerfs. Also, don’t forget that professional teams and high-ranked players also use Cassidy a lot, so check the top Overwatch betting sites to see if there are any betting opportunities.

What makes Cassidy so strong right now?


If you’re wondering how to abuse Cassidy before Blizzard nerfs him, the first thing you should find the answer to is why the hero is so broken. The answer is pretty simple – his Magnetic Grenade and insane damage output. 

Starting with the elephant in the room, many people weren’t happy when Blizzard decided to remove his Flashbang from the game and even claimed that hero was not worth it anymore. However, after playing with him for a while, most  Overwatch 2 DPS fans quickly realized that this wasn’t the case.


Even though he no longer has a disable, his damage output is insane because the Grenade is really easy to use. Since it is magnetic, all you have to do is throw it at your opponent when you’re in range, which will stick to him. 

Magnetic Grenade deals a total of 131 damage, meaning you can kill any DPS/Healer when you land a headshot and a grenade. This ability is also excellent when it comes down to bursting tanks. 


An important thing to remember about his Nade is that it is primarily an ability you use to punish enemies who come close. Even though you can always try to flank your opponents and get an easy kill, doing this will put you out of position, meaning you’ll die much faster. So, always make sure to know your position and be careful when using the grenade.

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Besides this ability, Cassidy is one of the heroes with the highest damage output from his regular shots. Moreover, the hero has slightly more HP than the average DPS, making him tankier. This is good news because the current Overwatch 2 patch favors dive combos a lot.

How to Abuse Cassidy?

Cassidy Champions to Avoid in DiamondTo abuse Cassidy in the current Overwatch 2 meta, you must know how to play with the hero. As broken as he is, we must remind you that he is a hitscan hero. In other words, you need to have good aim to land your shots if you want to dominate your games.


With that said, Cassidy is not a hero who needs a lot of mechanical skill. In fact, he is fairly easy to master and play with as long as you invest some time. Once you know the basics, your job is to keep an eye on opponents that are out of position and push them.


Cassidy can work well in all sorts of current combos popular in Overwatch 2 Season 3. There is no need to do any crazy plays, simply play around with your teammate, shut down enemies with your abilities, and try to land as many headshots as possible. Ideally, you need to be somewhere between your tank and healers because you are not as mobile as other DPS heroes.


Regarding the Magnetic Grenade, you need to remember that this ability has a very low cooldown. As a result, you can use it multiple times in a fight, even on a target that’s not always worth it. For example, many Cassidy players can throw their grenade on a shield just so they can burst it down faster.

Cassidy’s ultimate

One of the things that some people are worried about regarding how to abuse Cassidy in Overwatch 2 is his ultimate. While it’s true that Deadeye is an amazing ability, you don’t really need to land a perfect ult to be effective. On the contrary, killing the tank and/or the healers is usually more than enough to win any counter.


Knowing this, you can use your ultimate, even in awkward positions to win a given fight. Another thing to keep in mind after reading the guide on how to use this ult is that it also grants damage reduction. While your movement speed is much slower than usual, you can actually take advantage of the added survivability and tank some of the incoming damage.


With that said, many people consider Deadeye to be the worst ultimate in the game. Even though it has the potential to kill everyone, the fact that the hero needs to “charge” it makes it worse because everyone tries to avoid it. Fortunately, it gives a free reload, which is why you can often see people use it just for that.

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Potential nerfs 



Once you start looking for ways to abuse Cassidy in the given Overwatch 2 meta, you can see a couple of things that Blizzard might decide to change in Season 4. Starting with  his HP, the hero has always been slightly tankier than the rest, but we might see a change. Let’s not forget that Blizzard did the same to Widowmaker in this patch.

Of course, the second potential nerf will be to his grenade because it is just too strong to stay as it is. Using this ability now doesn’t really require that much skill as long as you are close to your target. It will auto-track the nearest target you throw it at and deal insane amounts of damage. That’s why we expect Blizzard to re-work this ability or remove it and introduce something new.


Aside from the auto-locking feature and the damage output, this grenade also has really low cooldown. The fact that it gives the hero free value makes it incredibly strong because DPS players only need to throw it at their opponents. Consequently, we might see a re-work in how it works and make it more like Roadhog’s hook.

Cassidy’s Toughest Matchups

The fact that Cassidy is incredibly strong right now and can carry his team to victory doesn’t mean the hero is immortal. On the contrary, some of the problems players had to go through in Overwatch are also present in OW 2, such as his range and the potential to get dove by.


One of the reasons why Cassidy has more range than many of his opponents is because he is out-classed by other DPS in a long-range fight. For example, Ashe, Widowmaker and Hanzo have similar roles, but they can be effective from far away. Cassidy can also do damage, but he needs to be closer to be more effective.


Speaking of matchups, the hero doesn’t work well against any of the above-mentioned names. Widowmaker is probably the worst because she can one-shot him, despite having more HP than other DPS heroes. Furthermore,  Cassidy will have problems killing a good Overwatch 2 sniper.


In terms of tanks, the hero is not good against everything that can dive/chase him. In other words, heroes like D.Va, Winston, and Ball are usually not ideal. That said, Magnetic Grenade is so strong right now that Cassidy could potentially man-fight those tanks and win the duel.


Overwatch 2: How To Abuse Cassidy Before Blizzard Nerfs Him?
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