Overwatch 2: Heroes to Counter Tanks

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Overwatch 2: Heroes to Counter Tanks

Here are some of the best heroes to counter tanks in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 is slowly coming to an end, and with it, it’s time to focus on Season 5. We’ve already covered some of the things we expect to see, but we will have to wait for a few more days until they are here.

Even though we expect to see some hero changes in Overwatch 2 Season 5, there is no arguing that tanks will continue to have a key role in the game. Since Blizzard made the decision to introduce the 5v5 format, Tanks have a key role in the game. In fact, almost every meta has one Tank that’s way stronger than the rest (Junker Queen in Season 4, for example).

Considering the importance of this position for the team’s success, Overwatch 2 players need to know how to counter it. It all starts with picking the right heroes to counter Tanks, so let’s go over some of the most popular names. Of course, all tanks are different, and some of them have a hard time against specific heroes. We will try to include as much information as possible, so let’s learn more about everything.


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Starting with one of the more aggressive Overwatch 2 tanks, D.Va is a hero that can work against the most annoying setups. However, when it comes down to the heroes to counter tanks, Brigitte is probably one of the best options here. Even though the latter is not that robust, she can knock D.Va off and do a lot of damage. However, this will only work in some setups.

Echo is another good option against D.Va, but this dps can only work if the player knows what he’s doing. Don’t forget that D.Va can be aggressive and chase down Echo with little to no effort.

Junker Queen

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If you take a look at our guide that will help you reach Grandmaster faster, you will see that Junker Queen is on the list. She’s definitely the best tank in Season 4, but we’re yet to see if this will be the case in Season 5.

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Despite being incredibly strong against pretty much everything, Junker Queen has her drawbacks. One of the best heroes to counter tanks here is Mei because she is highly effective in a close-range fight. Besides the damage, Mei can use her wall to shut down JQ’s aggressiveness, cancel her ult, and separate her from her opponents when she becomes too aggressive.

The second good option against Junker Queen is Zenyatta. What’s interesting about this Support is that he is good against every single tank because his orb allows the team to kill that hero pretty fast.  

Junker Queen usually has a lot of problems against high-DPS heroes because she does not have any shields. So, once Zenn uses his orb against her, she can die in a matter of seconds.


Albeit not the most popular tank right now, Doomfist has his loyal fans that use him in every season of Overwatch 2. When it comes down to heroes to counter tanks, we have to mention Sombra. The latter is definitely the worst opponent to go up against because her hack is usually enough to bring you down. Don’t forget that Doomfirst is not the tankiest hero in his role, so he can die fairly easily.


One of the many reasons why Ramattra is one of the best Overwatch 2 tanks in the last couple of seasons is because of his versatility. This is a hero that can work in many scenarios and can easily play against pretty much anything. Nevertheless, the hero has a few weak spots, so here are some of the heroes to counter tanks that can work against him.

Interestingly, Ramattra is not that strong against heroes like Pharah. Sure, he can do some damage to her, but a good Pharah player will constantly nuke him, as well as his supports, meaning they can’t play that aggressively. 

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Another name that works against Ramattra is Doomfirst. The latter is an incredibly annoying hero to play against because he can push Ramattra away when he pops his ult and even run when needed. Furthermore, Doomfirst is pretty tanky against another tank, meaning that it will take a lot of work to bring him down.



Even though some of the higher-rated Overwatch 2 players think that Rein is not as good as before, there is no arguing that the hero is pretty strong in most matchups. He easily dominates the lower ranks, so knowing which heroes to counter tanks with can be incredibly important.

Similar to the situation with Junker Queen, Mei can be a pretty good option here, assuming that the player knows how to play. She can block Rein from his opponents or stop his damage output completely. 

Cassidy is also a good option because he has the damage output to burst Rein down pretty fast. The only problem with Cass is that you need to have good positioning because if you don’t use your roll wisely, you will be out of opposition. Needless to say, this means that the Overwatch 2 tank will kill you in a matter of seconds.


The Overwatch hero Sigma stands in his high-powered armor, his hyperspheres hovering above his outstretched palm

The last hero on the list when it comes down to Overwatch 2 tanks and which heroes to counter tanks with is Sigma. He is the best in the poke strat combos and a very popular option in Season 4. Even though we expect to see some changes in Season 5, we will keep an eye on this hero.

Generally speaking, Sigma is a Dota 2 hero that will only work properly on some maps. Usually, he’s not that good against some brawl setups, such as Reinhardt and Roadhog, and he can also suffer against another Poke strat with Widowmaker and Hanzo. That said, it all depends on the map and the specific players.

Overwatch 2: Heroes to Counter Tanks
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