Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide, Heal From Above

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Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide, Heal From Above

The closed beta in Overwatch 2 allowed us to play the two new heroes, as well as all the names from the game’s original version. Some have loads of new changes, whereas others are the same and as powerful as before. 

Fortunately, there are heroes that fall in between these two categories, and one of them is Mercy. The latter is definitely one of the most famous support heroes in the game and one of the reasons why so many people like Overwatch. 

Mercy works with a lot of heroes and has always been the top pics for PUB games, as well as professional players. The ability to heal, provide damage boost and deal damage makes her highly versatile and effective. Following our tests, we believe that she continues to play a crucial for in the game, so let’s learn more about her.

Mercy’s changes in Overwatch 2

Despite the fact that she does not have that many changes, there are certain things that every Mercy player needs to take into account. Starting with the new passive abilities to all supports, Mercy now heals for 22.5 HP per second. This may not seem much, but it is great, especially for turtling combos and those that hide behind a Rein’s shield.

There are also changes to Angelic Descent because this ability will now slow down the ascent speed, not just the decent one. In other words, players have to be more careful when using it because they could make a mistake.

Up next, we have Guardian Angel, Mercy’s most interesting ability. When she decides to use it, she will see a specific meter that charges up when it is active. Aside from that, if Mercy cancels this ability by jumping, it will launch her in that direction. The speed depends on her charge, so the more she has, the further she will go. 

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 10

Mercy is one of the supports in Overwatch that did not receive as many changes as other names in the game. Fortunately, she continues to be one of the best and most consistent supports in the game. The fact that she can fly and help her teammates when needed makes her an excellent option in many situations.

With that being said, Mercy does not do as much damage as other popular supports like Ana or Lucio. Instead, she focuses on.

Overwatch 2 best Mercy combos

Regarding the popular combos with Mercy, you can find pretty much everything you can think of. Yet, certain heroes work better with this support than others, and Pharah is one of them. The Pharah and Mercy combo has been around for years and people use it on a daily basis. The fact that the two heroes can fly make them hard to kill, and the damage boost to Pharah makes her one of the most dangerous heroes in the game.

Unfortunately, most Mercy players who use this combo don’t know how to utilize it properly, which is why they often make mistakes. For example, they do not pay any attention to any other teammate and forget to provide the damage boost when needed.

In addition to Pharah, Mercy is also great when used in conjunction with another DPS that can fly – Echo. The latter is slowly becoming more popular, even though it received a small nerf in Overwatch 2. Echo is an excellent damage dealer and one of the best heroes you can have to finish off an enemy. No wonder Mercy and Echo can become one of the deadliest combos.

Finally, we have to mention the elephant in the room when it comes down to combos with Mercy, and that’s Junker Queen. Usually, Mercy is not the best support in Overwatch when it comes down to healing tanks because she works better with DPS. However, there are exceptions because Junker Queen is the new tank in Overwatch 2 and is a hero who relies heavily on doing damage. Hence, having a pocket healer like Mercy can make a massive difference.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 10

Overwatch 2 Mercy’s biggest counters

The fact that Mercy is so prevalent in every skill bracket and even among professional players doesn’t mean she has no counters. In fact, many of the popular DPS can kill her pretty easily, which is why every Mercy player needs to be careful. The good news is that her ability to jump in Overwatch 2 can save her in many tricky situations, especially if there is no one to “connect” to.

The first counter that everyone needs to be aware of is Widowmaker. There is nothing worse than a sniper who can one-shot you from miles away. Mercy is great against heroes like Junkrat and Reaper because she can’t receive any damage from them. However, long-range snipers like Widow, Hanzo, and Ashe can be devastating.

Besides them, Mercy is also not great against the so-called hit scanners. Prior to Overwatch 2, she had to run from Solider: 76 because he could quickly bring her down. Now, Mercy also needs to hide from Sojourn because she is even better than Solider when it comes down to nuking a target. 

Of course, we also have to mention Cassidy, a hero that can two-shot Mercy even if he is far away. 

Final Thoughts

Following the recent changes, Mercy continues to be one of the best supports in the game. Her role in Overwatch 2 is almost the same as in the original game. However, since teams have five heroes instead of six, she might need to step up her game.

We are yet to see whether people will run a double-healer setup or a combo with just one support. If the second option becomes more popular, we probably won’t see Mercy that often because she is not good when it comes down to AoE healing. 

Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide, Heal From Above
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